Honesty 2.0: Removing All Digital Roles From The Agency

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Today we’re upgrading Honesty 1.0 to version 2.0, and in doing so we remove all digital roles from the agency. It just doesn’t make sense anymore to have separate staff to handle a separate area which is inherently impossible to separate from anything else. Instead, all roles at the agency will approach their work from a digital and mobile perspective.

Honesty 1.0 was all about combining technology and traditional advertising experience, and while that was unique and fresh at the time, it’s really what everybody should be doing these days. Honesty 2.0 will instead handle the effects that the internet has had on communications by adopting a new way of working.

The most profound difference that the internet has had on the world of marketing is that it has made it much faster, and thus speed and agility will be the main focus of Honesty 2.0. To achieve speed we attack organizational overhead and inertia by putting all our efforts into integrating strategy, storytelling, design, advertising, PR and production under one roof, one strategic account director and one creative team. Our vision is to become Sweden’s fastest and best integrated agency. To our clients this will mean better results in shorter time and at better prices. To Honesty it will mean a lot of new learning, more creative control, better output and further improved profitability.

I’ve been working on this for a while now and I’m really excited to finally put this plan into action!

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