Honesty’s First REAL Office

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Wow! Finally we’re here. It took some time. Here is the history of Honesty offices:

Early 2009: Honesty Office #1

Honesty office number 1 was a smallish space (actually a meeting room) crammed into the corner of an architect’s office. It was not big, kind of expensive, but really nice. And hey, it only needed to fit one person, me, so it was nice. I actually like the place a lot.

Late 2009: Honesty Office #2

The second Honesty office was a garage, or a piece of a garage rather, that we rented from an event company. By now the new partners had arrived and we needed a bigger space. I just never realized exactly how fast we would grow. The new garage-office got extremely crowded as you can see in the picture below.

2010: Honesty Office #3

Honesty Office number three was something we stumbled upon by accident. The garage needed a change of the pipe system and we got this place as a replacement. We rented is second hand from a book publisher. This was the office where Honesty went from being a garage band (literally muhaha) to being a real and very profitable agency. The office also had an awesome courtyard where we threw a party or two. Or three.

And Now… Honesty Office #4. Our First Own Office.

Finally… finally, we got a place of our own. Honesty office number four, where we’ve gotten exactly what we’ve been looking for all along. An industrial space in an awesome area with fantastic 6-meter ceilings and enormous windows (see image at the top of the post). And today we’re moving in. After a weekend of carrying tables, fixing the electricity and just generally feeling like Jerry Maguire, it’s an amazing feeling to see everybody moving in and starting work. I think pride would be a good word for describing what I’m feeling right now, and also for what I see in the eyes of the rest of the Honesty family. Yup, pride is the word.

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