Honesty’s New Concept for Halebop. Are You a Lover or Hater?

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Last week we started rolling out the new concept for the Swedish youth mobile brand Halebop. The reactions that came back to us were as expected – mixed. It’s a love hate thing and very few inbetweens. And here’s a hint: Love-Hate-tension creates discussion.

And what does it look like in concrete terms? Well – we created hundreds of sketches and threw away most of them. We actually produced tons of semi finished material that we also threw away. The things we kept had a spontaneous, improvised look and feel that we loved, and we established a way of working that kept generating fresh ideas that felt like they came straight from the street. And in reality, I guess they did actually come straight from the street.

I want to save some surprises for later, so I’ll end this post here. Right now we have things like print, outdoor, television and store materials out for the launch of Halebop’s new looks. You can check out som of the films below!

5 Responses to "Honesty’s New Concept for Halebop. Are You a Lover or Hater?"
  1. Erik Lindahl says:

    Wouldn’t say I love it, neither hate it (feels like it should take a lot of frustration towards Halebop to hate this, no?)
    But I definitely think this is good – finally Halebop seems to be on the same level as its customers. Their old “illustrated”-style commercials and visual identity had an expression but a total lack of message or impact.
    This could be great – keep up the good work!

  2. Klas says:

    vilket Bra jobb! Den fräschaste idén på länge, nostalgi för ung generation- jag kände att jag ville ha Halebop- och jag är 31 år ;) Grattis till er!!!

  3. Daniel says:

    Nja, jag vet inte heller om jag älskar eller hatar konceptet. Jag tycker att filmerna tillsammans skapar en intressant helhet, i varje film finns det något för någon att gilla. Samtidigt upplever jag inte att någon av filmerna orkar stå på egna ben, de behöver varandra för att nå fram. Det hade varit skönt med en fullträff som inte lämnade någon oberörd. Nu finns det lite för många axelryckningar insprängda mellan ljusglimtarna för att den riktigt syrliga avundsjukan ska träda fram.

  4. Nabil says:

    I’m a lover, no matter what. Keep up the good work!

  5. Alexander says:

    It’s a bit different than halebops other commercials but it wasn’t bad at all :)

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