How To Apply for Work at Honesty

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In these times of economic downturn and agencies firing people left and right, perhaps a couple of ideas for job applications could be in order:

I see a lot of people applying for work with us by sending an email with a CV and a personal letter. Most of the time these are people that I’ve never heard of before. I’m sure they are brilliant and everything, but they are missing one thing: We at Honesty are REALLY into communication. We would never dream of recommending our client to send our an unsolicited email containing a sales letter and a spec-sheet. What we WOULD recommend is to build your brand, build interest, engage in conversation, and do interesting and valuable things within reach of the potential customer’s radar.

So. Engage with us. Create value. Move within the scope of our radar. We may not be able to afford you or have need for your particular skills right now, but you’ll become part of our network, our extended family, and our daily reality. That way we’ll have a relationship for the day when we need PRECISELY you, or when somebody else in our network needs you. Or perhaps it will be the other way around by then, and we’ll come knocking on your door. Who knows.

The point is that relationships should be built BEFORE they are needed.

So come on down, get to know us, have some virtual coffee with us on Twitter or whatever other virtual coffee shop, and when we get to know each other better, we’ll have a real cup on Södermalm.

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