Innovators, Painters and Poets

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So I read that the Finnish agency 358 are drafting players from agencies like KesselsKramer, CPB and 180 (was with all these number names?). I also read that they’re going to work with ideas rather than advertising. Hmm… ideas rather than advertising…

It sound ridiculous, but you know – I think they’re right in wording it that way. Many agencies don’t really work with ideas, but rather with execution. Many of the “ideas” we’ve seen have been done before or are just plain unimaginative (look at some of the Guldägget work and you’ll see). 358 are saying that a solution can just as well be a product development, a new sport, or a clothing line as long as it makes people like the brand more (sounds like Anomaly or Naked doesn’t it?). I like that statement. Of course that’s how you should work. That’s our job. The fact that you even have to say this is disturbing.

I think a lot of people get into this business for the wrong reasons. They get in here for the lattes, the cool parties, the people, and slick offices (all of which I love, but that’s not the point). Very few are even interested in psychology or business development. Not all have to be, but the concept developers certainly do. And they don’t.

We bring in planners from Stockholm School of Economics to legitimize the business side of the quirky ideas we bring in from Berghs, when we should really bring in people who can call up concepts built on business development, psychology, and innovation. At the end of the day, if we don’t get people to like the brand more and buy the f*#%! product we are merely painters and poets (btw, I also love painters and poets). I hope that 358 will deliver. I think they might.

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