Instagram Could Instakill Vine

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There is something about Twitter’s new video sharing app Vine that appeals to me. With Vine you share 6-second video clips that loop; perfect for cute baby videos, stumbling puppies and other world changing events that feed the re-tweet beast. I think it might take off.

The only thing that bothers me is that there is one super dangerous competitor lurking in the shadows. I’m talking of course about Facebook-backed Instagram. Because what will happen if (when?) Instagram adds looping video functionality to their service?

People are already manically checking their Instagram-feeds and there is a big hurdle to get people to habitually check yet another service. Don’t be surprised if this happens in an upcoming update, not least because Facebook are obviously stalling Vine by blocking their ability to make Facebook requests. Look at this:

It wouldn’t surprise me if Instagram already have a working version of this up their sleeve. We’ll see.


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