Is It Me, Or Is Spotify Not So Social After All?

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Sitting in front of the fireplace on christmas day, I can’t help but wonder why I even think about work. But I do. I guess it’s a sign that I love my job.

On the table beside me lies a copy of The Economist’s special christmas issue. In bold blue, the headline question “Why we love music” screams at me to pick up my laptop and write something about the service with a similar tagline – you guessed it – Spotify (Everybody loves music).

There is something very strange about Spotify. It’s a great service and everything, but the social component somehow feels like it’s missing. They have everything that they should need – great content with huge involvement (music) and a simple and versatile way of communicating the content (links). But somehow it feels like the actual communication won’t take off. I wonder why.

Even though I have actively tried to get musical communication going on my other blog, it doesn’t seem to spark. I think I’ll devote some of my time off this Christmas to ponder on that problem.

Any ideas?

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