Ketchup Just Is

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I put some thought today into what digital communication and “the web” really is. And I’m certain about one thing. It’s not a technology. It’s is less so for each day. When the first car was just a prototype in the lab, it was all technology. Today it’s a lifestyle accessoary. When the computer was first invented it was a high tech laboratory building in itself. Today it is the glue of society.

This shouldn’t be surprising to anybody. This is what civilization is; moving more and more levels of specialization below the threshold of our conciousness and spending more time at the higher levels of abstraction. That’s what civilization always has been trying to do. You don’t consider who’s harvested the tomatoes that became the ketchup on your take-out burger, you just bought the super meal. Super meals just are. And technology just is. Like air.

The Internet is getting there fast. Soon it will be like air. But for agencies as well, more and more technology can be bought of the shelf. Or well, actually, most of it is free. People don’t care about technology, they care about experience.

The future is in content, friends. Embrace it.

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