Kimono Coding at The 24 Hour Business Camp

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Ok. So I’m wearing a kimono, at a beautiful Japanese spa halfway out to the Stockholm archipelago, surrounded by an explosion of colorful fall leafs, carrying a small basket in which I’m supposed to only carry around my towel and my slippers. But instead of slippers, my basked is full of tech gear. And instead of bathing my feet in a fish tank (yes, they have one for that purpose) or practicing Qi Gong, we’re coding away on an iOS-app and a web-app, both of which will be taken from start to finish in 24 hours.

This is the 24-Hour business camp, and we’ve just started count-down 7 minutes ago. I’m surrounded by my 4 team mates who are all SWAT-class coders (and one designer), and the other teams are just as sharp. The building is just boiling of brainpower. Very cool.

The clock is ticking now, so I probably won’t have time to write you any long posts for the next 24 hrs, But I’ll be back with an update and hopefully a link to something that works. Wish us luck.

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