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Haven’t been writing much lately. Things changed pretty rapidly at the agency, and suddenly my writing habits had to give way to meetings and pitch-work. It might also be a poor excuse for a bad case of writers block. I’m not sure.

From a work day where I was the only full time employee at the agency (with a network supporting me of course) we’re now four full time people at the office every day, with two more on their way in. Pitches and presentations piled up quickly, and we’re now working hard to keep up. So far I’m really proud of the work we’re doing

We’re looking for a good art director by the way, if you happen to be or know one. He or she has to be fast, productive, innovative, hands on, digital & analogue. We don’t ask much. 😉 On the other hand, for somebody who would love to work at an experimental but efficient Willy Wonka factory for the low wages we can afford to pay, this could be just the thing.

So now you’ve heard my excuse for not writing. It’s a pretty lame excuse. Because writing really is crucial for my inspiration. I notice though, how hard it is to start writing after even a short break. Writers block builds up crazy fast. In my ideal world I write something every day on here, and I will try to get back into it. Not so much for you as for myself.

On a completely different note, I’ve re-opened the Friend Connect membership system in the column on the right, so go ahead and join and we’ll change the world together. Everybody’s welcome!

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