Learn All The Secrets of Honesty in 30 Hours

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Tomorrow, I’m going back to school heading our new 30 hour-course “Honesty in a Box”, a course which contains all the secrets of Honesty’s journey from being literally nothing to sailing up as Sweden’s most rapidly growing agency. I’ve always loved packaging knowledge and I’m really excited about this course. It really wasn’t that long ago that I left Berghs School of Communication, and it feels great to come back after this adventure to share my experience.

The Honesty Box contains the following

1. Overall Strategy for Results: The Honesty Molecule Model

Our results based strategic model that ties together the brand, traffic, conversion rate, sales, price and revenue.

2. Building The Brand: The Honesty Rainbow Model

Our brand building model that ties together the brand truth, tonality, story, design, own presence, bought presence, gossip and metrics.

3. Traffic Building Tactics

How to use different tactics, methods and tools to drive traffic to converting areas online and offline.

4. Conversion Building Tactics

How to use different tactics, methods and tools to drive higher conversion rates online and offline. (It’s not always what you think. Look for both the obvious and the counter intuitive).

5. Tips and Ideas For Building an Ad Agency From Scratch

What worked and what didn’t? What mistakes can you avoid. Which have been our killer tactics? How to win pitches.

6. DIY: Create And Launch a Ground Breaking E-Commerce Concept

We’ll gradually reveal more details about this project that will span the entire course.

7. Superstar Guest Lecture?

If we’re lucky, well get an awesome guy on board for this. Keep your fingers crossed.

Sound like fun? We think so.



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