Let soak in for 2 or 3 minutes or until you see GOD!

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People sometimes ask me what I mean when I talk about Honesty’s communication model. And in response, well, let me tell you a story:

Last night I briefly attended one of these cool VIP-ish happenings where you get a goodie bag upon leaving. Though not entirely aimed at me (mostly women’s beauty products in there), one of the products caught my eye. It was a “Chai Latte Soul & Body Wash” from Philip B.

Now, how different can these products really be? I mean, sure, it’s probably great and all, and it probably smells lovely of chai latte, but if we want scented cleaning products, there are probably much cheaper alternatives, right? Instead we want to buy in on the luxury dream. And that will trigger us to buy, which is good of course. But today I want to talk about what triggers us to communicate and talk to our friends, blog readers and Twitter followers about something. And this lovely product has such triggers.

First, the name. Besides the Chai Latte scent association the “Soul & Body Wash” product description is just lovely. That alone is blogger friendly and cute. But the real magic emerged when turning the bottle. The directions on the back read: “…lather it up and let soak in for 2 or 3 minutes or until you see GOD! Rinse well.”

That kind of detail is JUST what people love to talk about. It may seem insignificant, but these things matter. Unless you want to try buying your way in using brute force and distribution. Who’s going to talk about the new Wella shampoo just because they have an expensive full page spread in an expensive magazine with an expensive sensual model shot by an expensive photographer with an expensive camera. You may get people to buy if you have enough cash to spend, but you won’t get people to talk.

I want to get people to talk. Because then you will get leverage on your marketing cash. And you will build equity in search engines by getting a lot of links and lot of buzz. How much equity do you get out of a magazine spread? Ultimately, we will have a much larger pool of people buying AND talking. And then you have a positive spiral and can get ready for the next product development.

This is what I talk about when i talk about communicative product development. It may well be a bigger innovation like a foldable car, but it may just as well be a small detail, like tonality in the directions on the back of the bottle.

Like they say – the devil is in the details.

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