Lowe Brindfors Wrap-Up

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Just a quick note on yesterday’s debacle. The article was written by Tobias Rydengren Rydergren based on an interview with me. It’s not incorrect in any way, and it’s well written and everything, I just want you to see it from that perspective. My texts can be found here on walternaeslund.com. The article quickly received over 4000 4600 votes and 6000 page views, which said something about the heat of this topic.

Other people have also written on the topic . Notably Nikke Lindqvist, one of Sweden’s absolute geniuses in the SEO-business. Though he managed to spell my name wrong (Naeslund, Nikke, with ae), he shares some interesting thoughts.

I also attended the awesome party thrown by Garbergs yesterday (thanks!), and met quite a few people from the industry. I didn’t receive a single negative comment, and plenty of positive feedback, so I really think that we are in a business that wants to change and get better. And really, that’s the point of this whole affair – that we all can get better and reclaim the digital crown.

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