Mikael Knight Rider and Some Cool New Contacts

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Oh, contacts with built in display (via Zeus Jones). That’s cool. Moreover it solves a problem me and my brother discussed during a night time drive a couple of years ago.

My brother Mikael has a particular interest in artificial intelligence and wrote his masters thesis for Volvo on the topic of making a car that could drive on it’s own using radar, computer vision and gyro integration. They made a real life test vehicle actually. Quite cool, and sort of like the car KITT if you remember:

Anyway, the problem we discussed was how to enhance night time visual conditions. We wanted to integrate a night vision camera and a heat sensitive camera and augment that to the actual reality. The problem was how to track the drivers reality to the camera angles. BMW “solved” this by showing the enhanced imagery on a separate screen. A not so elegant solution in my opinion, and potentially quite dangerous. See for yourselves:

These contacts however are always in perfect alignment with the drivers eyes, providing correct perspective. All one has to do now is to track the position and angle of the eyes, and hey, let’s track the contacts and… boom, you’re superman.

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