Mobile Editing on The World’s Most Powerful MacBookPro

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One of the crucial aspects of being an entrepreneur is to single out key beliefs of your company that you think will put you ahead of the curve. One of the key beliefs of Honesty is to keep our creatives as close to the end product as possible. This means that we try to design as much as we can in house, shoot as much as we can in house and edit as much as we can in house. And the sooner the better. If we can, we even want to start editing already on set (which is often out in real life in our case).

We started doing this early on in the life of Honesty, and bought our own gear as soon as we could afford it. Already back then we talked about “Honesty Film” and this is now starting to become more of a formal reality after appointing Martin Roeck Hansen, the wiz kid who came in from the street to wash our dishes and won a Golden Egg Award with our creative team within a year for Halebop, to be our new Creative Agency Producer and be responsible for Honesty Film.

This all sounds like a big formal department, but in real life it’s all about guerilla style hands on work with a home made arsenal of gear.

The World’s Most Powerful MacBookPro?

Considering the way we work, we didn’t want to set up a stationary editing room, but rather construct the most powerful mobile workstation we could so that it could go out on set with Martin. For this purpose, we put together the most powerful i7 MacBookPro with a 15″ antiglare screen. First we popped the hood off.

We then maxed out RAM, pulled out the DVD-drive and replaced it with an adapter to hold an extra hard drive. We then put in not one but two 600GB Intel SSD-drives that we striped (RAID 0) for mega speed demon performance. I dare you to find a more powerful MBP than that. 😉


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