My Dream Agency and How it Will Make You Rich and Famous

Posted · Add Comment I sat down to perform the most difficult task there is: to write about myself, or my own agency rather. We’re about to launch a new and well needed version of our agency site, and the new site needs new content. The only way to do this was to strap my Monster Beats to my head, put on some really loud Pearl Jam music and jam away.

When looking around at what others write, it’s striking how agencies move between different fads when it comes to describing themselves. A big thing right now seems to be to talk about how “we see the strategic whole” and “work with executing partners”. Fine. In theory. Another big thing is to talk about how we create topics for people to talk about beyond bought media. Great. On paper and in guru seminars.

The problem is that these are abstract concepts. It’s easy to talk in general and graphic terms about strategy, but I have yet to see anybody say the only thing that I would love to hear, namely this: Yes, we can make your company make money today… and not only in some abstract future. And yes, this goes for social media as well. Social media, if that term is even relevant on a more or less entirely social web, is not all about creating “conversation” but about creating conversion, about creating billing relationships with real customers. Today.

You can never achieve these things with abstract buzzword-laden strategy talk. To achieve these things you need to get your hands dirty and your feet wet with killer fast moving, metrics based tactics. If you want to know what I mean by this, check out our digital director Jesper Åström’s blog which is filled with hands on tutorials, methods for tactical metrics, and even spam marketing methods (which we would never use of course). line is that whenever you hear things like “we’re doing strategy and outsource execution” or “you’ll see results in the long run” warning lights should go off. First, there is no reason to wait for results. Period. Second, creative solutions, tactics and execution all need to be very intimately tied to strategy to be truly effective on humanoids (as opposed to board room execs) and there is no way to work with oh so important metric-based dynamic tactics if you only create fancy presentations in house and outsource the rest. Look out the door and you’ll see plenty of hit and run examples. It’s just sounds different when a song is performed by it’s composer somehow.

Anyway – after writing this brief comment on what I saw around me when I stuck my head above the surface, I’ll try to sit myself down and write a description of my dream agency, my dream band, an agency that I have the privilege of working at and shaping every day.

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