Neither Honesty Nor Anything Else is an Overnight Success

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It’s funny how things can look so different from the inside and the outside. For me, the entrepreneurship project Honesty has been a fairly long journey since Valentine’s Day of 2009 until now. Over the course of more than two years, it has been about survival (first), signing the right people (second), finding clients (third), and delivering work (fourth). It has been a fairly tough journey all along, even though the first year was by far the toughest mentally. There has been constant pressure and activity, but when I read about Honesty in the advertising press, and hear about us on the street, it sounds like we’re this overnight success. There is no such thing.

This is of course something you hear all the time with everything from entrepreneurs to rock stars, but you don’t quite understand it until you experience it for yourself. I remember clearly one time when I sat at the café Svart Kaffe (which is not around anymore) on Södermalm in Stockholm and the now famous DJ-duo Rebecca & Fiona came in talking to me about their ideas and work. They worked hard already back then, and have worked like mad since, but they also felt like an overnight success when they started popping up in mainstream media much much later. I guess it’s natural and logical, but it’s a really strange reality to adapt to. Personally, I still feel that this is the same little upstart as it was in the beginning, just at a later stage, though I realize on a logical level that we are in fact a fairly large agency today in terms of client workload.

I guess this whole process is quite similar to when your aunt or uncle pinched your cheek when you were a child telling you how fast you’d grown. You just don’t realize it when you’re in the middle of it all.

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