New Categories, Old Thinking

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The Swedish advertising award Guldägget just announced new digital categories. The categories are:

1. Interactive Category A:
Includes campaign sites and corporate sites.

2. Interactive Category B:

Includes banners, mobile marketing and SEO.

3. Interactive Category C:
Other digital media
Includes widgets, applications, digital events, interactive tools and social media.

This segmentation into technologies could have been a good idea for production companies, but for communications agencies? I don’t know.

In a media landscape where the consumer chooses it’s channels and switches between them seamlessly and very quickly, any communications strategy residing in ONE channel is questionable. And thus, deviding up awards in this way is too. Any communications strategy that does not take into account channel orchestration is simply incomplete.

I would love to see the awards segmentation matrix turned 90 degrees. Channel orchestration and choice needs to be present for any strategy to be considered complete, and segmentation could instead be by business type or target audience for example.

Then perhaps there could be another awards show for production companies and their technical achievements, just like Roy is for film production companies.

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