New Swedish Ad Agency Pitch Process Recommendations

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I just read in tomorrow’s issue of our Swedish advertising business paper Resumé about the forthcoming recommendations for how the pitch process for advertising agencies should work. From a quick look it seems to me to be more comfortable for the ad agencies but somewhat dangerous for the clients.

On The Plus Side

  • A quicker process without unnecessary cost will be good for both parties.

On The Minus Side

  • The idea to have “workshops” where the parties “talk” instead of presentations of actual creative work would make me worried if I was a client. There is a risk that clients end up with the best salesman rather than the best advertising agency. If it was my budget I would prefer an agency that walks the walk over one that talks the talk any day. 

Looking forward to see who takes what side in the upcoming debate. My guess would be that it will be a fight between talkers and walkers.

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