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Have you ever considered that .com or .net or .se or whatever is pretty geeky and oldfashioned? I mean, really, what has .com got to do with your brand besides being a convention?

Now, the end might be near for .com and it’s family. As noted by Brand Republic, brands can soon get their own top domains, meaning that you won’t have to type into your browser anymore, but merely nike. (And email to walter@nike).

I have two reflections that immediatly come to mind. First, there is going to be a chaos when people try to steal important domains from the big brands. Sure, you might say that you can take legal action against somebody trying to steal your name, but there are several examples where and will take you to completely different sites and brands, both having equal rights to the name.

Another reflection is that no matter how geeky .com is, it has become a de facto standard to tell people that we’re talking about a website. How are people going to know it’s a website when they just read “gettheglass”? Typing “” on the other hand is very clear indeed.

Just a thought.

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