Old Projects of Mine: Crybaby Animated Television

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I’m sitting here remembering some of the strange projects I’ve been involved in over the years. A few years ago we had this project starting up a animated television production company. Since television (we’re talking “regular television”, not film) must be fairly cheap, we went through all kinds of experiments to cut costs. The major theme was to use motion caption for all animation, shooting basically on a regular television time schedule.

Here are my two amazing colleagues in the project, Pontus and Ulf.


Here’s an early motion test featuring Musse Hasselvall.

Linda Bengtzing and Malin Hallberg did the voices for our kids show Problembyrån.


Calle was our sound producer.


I concentrated really hard trying to figure out what our bear characters would sound like. This is what I look like when I concentrate.


We couldn’t afford real motion actors, so me and the technical director Pontus actually did all motion capture acting ourselves.


These are some early concept drawings for the Probembyrån characters.


And here’s another early test clip for a ZTV-spot, again featuring Musse Hasselvall and Andreas Halldén.

Those were the days!

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