OMM Writer and The Next Era in App Development?

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I‘m writing this post to you in an open snowy landscape with a few trees scattered around. It’s so white and deserted I can barely make out the horizon  which is merely a shift in shades of white. In the background there is esoteric music and each tap on the keyboard sounds like a little click, like a butterfly gossiping to another.

No, I’m not on drugs, but I’m writing this post in OMM Writer. Now, what on earth is that?

For a while I’ve been thinking about creating an interface for Google Docs where you just get a clean sheet to write on in a focused way, much like AI-Writer for the iPad, but on the Mac and with Google Docs integration. I registred the domain for this purpose but never got around to developing it when my main project, the advertising agency Honesty, took off.

This morning when I browsed through the Mac app store an app appeared on the featured apps list that caught my interest because of the similarities to Flowtype. The app was called OMM Writer and I felt that I had to give it a go.

OMM Writer has taken my ideas to a whole new level and it’s not only a blank sheet of paper, but a spa-like experience where my text hovers over this snowy landscape and the sound effects set the ambience. You can choose between different fonts, colors, backgrounds and sounds to find whatever gets your creative juices flowing. Interesting. And strange.

I guess this app is something that you can either love or hate, but nevertheless, I think that the idea of moving beyond plain functionality into the realm of triggering inspiration could well be the next big movement in app development.

Now, all I need is WordPress integration.

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