Our New Halebop Film Has Been a Love Hate Thing. What Do You Think?

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We’ve been working with Halebop for few months now and over time quite a few people have asked me about the diversity in the communication, especially when it comes to the films. “They keep changing all the time, so how do you phrase the actual concept?” has been a common question. My answer is “does it matter”?

Does the strength in a concept rely on how well it fits inside a certain box or explanation? Or does the strength in the Halebop case perhaps rely on the exact opposite?

I like to think of brands as people. Interesting and authentic people have many layers to their personality, and they are fun to be around since they keep surprising you. Isn’t this also true of brands? Perhaps it’s their ability to surprise and entertain that make them fun to be around, interesting and appealing?

Yesterday our latest film for Halebop aired, and it’s just completely different from the others, just as most of the other’s have been from eachother. Some people love it and others hate it, and that is always a good sign. Is it still clear that it is Halebop? I think so. Check it out and see what you think.

EDIT: With sorrow in our hearts, we decided to withdraw this film after a cyber-bullying attack against the star in the film on FB. We don’t like to give in to cyber-bullies and will keep fighting cyber-bullying as it is one of the major pests of the internet era, but we will never do it at the cost of any individual person. Look for upcoming efforts in the fight against cyber-bullying soon!

2 Responses to "Our New Halebop Film Has Been a Love Hate Thing. What Do You Think?"
  1. Alex Holmén says:

    Hej Walter,

    Jag känner att jag kan den för dåligt för att kunna göra en bedömning. Trots det uppskattar jag den oerhört av den enkla anledningen att den känns fräsch och det är inte ofta jag känner.

    Lycka till i Guldägget!

    PS. precis börjat skriva en blogg jag tror att du skulle kunna gilla. DS.


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