Push & Pull in Strategic Symphony

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Almost a year ago I wrote this post (in Swedish) on the topic of forcing your communication onto the consumer. When I rode my bike this morning I put some more thought into it.

If we lift our binoculars to the horizon and try to do some planning for the future, we could do the following division:
1. Communication that we CAN push onto the consumer and
2. communication that we CAN’T.

This division has changed quite a bit over the past decade, and will continue to do so, but in the 1. category we’ll find media that is fixed in time and space, and in the 2. category, media that is not.

The 1. category will then (for example) consist of:
* Magazine and newspaper print
* Outdoor
* Event

The 2. category will consist of all digital media. Including television and film.

This has implications. Even though we should never force feed crap to the consumer, we should take into account the fact that we are pushing communication, and value the very special and increasingly rare opportunities that arise from that. Today, we don’t. I have yet to see a media plan that strategically plans out push and pull messages in symphony. Planners (and heads of marketing) still operating in “Television-“, “Internet-“, “Radio-“, “Print-“, “Outdoor-” mode should be fired on the spot.

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