Random Thoughts on Now, Next, and Status – Inspired by Prime

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The other day a book turned up at the office. It was from Prime PR and contained their outlooks on the future. Such a book will not pass by me unnoticed.

I’ve only flipped through it, but it seems worthy of a good read for when I head out to sea with Aniara.

One thing that I noted while flipping through it (I know this is random) was that in all countries measured, writing a book is considered higher status than having a popular blog. I have a feeling there is something wrong here. Last time I checked, the superbloggers are the ones invited to the cool parties, not the authors. The bloggers are the ones receiving free stuff from all over, not the writers. If you want to know why, ask Prime. In another chapter of the book I read the following qoute: “…what you HAVE done is not interesting, it’s what you’re doing NOW that matters”. Buddha couldn’t have said it better himself. A book is a “have done” while a blog is “now”.

I think there are different kinds of status. There is the status of having produced something timeless – like a book. Getting published also carries some kind of “seal of approval”. Musicians have this kind of status. But there is also the kind of status that is associated with influence and power here and now. This kind of status is what superbloggers enjoy. They move faster than lightning and can get there message out quickly. They have the power of distribution, like Amelia Adamo before them.

Perhaps neither of these things are the most interesting. Perhaps what is truly interesting and high status is what you are expected to do NEXT. (Read Micael Dahlén’s Nextopia blog for further elaboration on this thought). What is the level and quality of the expectations put upon you? This kind of status is somewhat candid but extremely potent. If you think about it, you probably know about quite a few people of very high status that haven’t done much YET, but are expected to perform some serious magic in the future.

If you do the same research on status two years from now, will the answer be the same? The price of producing and publishing books (and music) is dropping like a stone. Getting your book out on Amazon on demand is easy as pie already. Writing it and getting people to buy it is a different story. Will the superblogger surpass the author in status? Will the superbloggers be writing books themselves? At least they have the marketing part covered pretty well. I think this will be the case.

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