Revolutionary and Really Simple E-Commerce

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In only a few hours Tictail will launch their public beta. Make sure you sign up for one of those beta invites if your in the least interested in e-commerce. To me it’s looks revolutionary. Suddenly it’s not just that you can set up an e-store really fast (no, REALLY), but that somebody that is completely new to e-commerce and online marketing will actually get all the help they need throughout the entire process including marketing. And the basic version is powerful add-ons that you can buy for a buck a month or so.

And while everybody says that their service is “simple”, I’ve checked under the hood of this thing, and trust me, it’s simple. My dad could set up an e-store using this service (he would sell used vintage grand pianos I would imagine), and that says it all.

Oh, and it’s got a great feel to the design as wall and a big scoop of that “I don’t know what it is, but I want it”-magic that you sometimes see in the best internet startups. Very excited to see where this is headed.

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