Saturday and The Mirror Conspiracy

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Good morning!

Let’s take it from the top.
This is outfit of the day!
(Hat from Marc Jacobs, scarf from a Manhattan street salesman, leather jacket from Whyred, hoodie from American Apparel, jeans from WeSC).

Dressed to kill. Now off for breakfast with “queen of words” miss K. (If this girl goes into journalism it will be an utter loss for the ad-business). We discussed kitchen design and the Wallpaper picks for design of the year.

There is something about Svart Kaffe on Saturdays. Last time I was there I ran into Sweden’s very own film genius Mattias Montero. And today I ran into him again. Same time, same place, and none of us had been there in between. I guess we’re on the same clock. With him he had his beautiful Annika, who is also a very talented photographer. Always fun to meet them both. Hi!

Next stop was meeting up with my pilot Karl and my architecture IT-specialist Sam. Both are good friends since forever.

After having some coffee and delivering the latest gossip, I decided to buy a huge mirror that Karl helped me carry home. We both have arms like Popeye now. That thing was HEAVY!

This is how it turned out:

…and you can now get cool, radical, awesome outfit of the day pics. Yeah!

Tonight, super awesome party with Sophia Bendz from Spotify and Jonas Kleerup. Live acts by Space Age Baby Jane, Pennebaker-Björn and Kleerup. Dance floor by 24:hours Soundsystem, Luciano Leiva and Jonas Kleerup,

There is also a big party at Landet. Not sure if I’ll have time for both…

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