SEO-Expert Simon Sundén to Honesty!

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Yesterday I cleared a desk for our new partner at Honesty who has his first day at the agency today. And this is not just any random guy, but one of Europe’s leading experts on SEO and search marketing, Simon Sundén. As many of you know, I’ve been quite frank in my criticism of the lacking ambition in the field of SEO and search marketing among some of our most famous advertising agencies. This is my and Honesty’s way of showing where our priorities lie.

The biggest challenge in building Honesty has been in recruiting precisely the right mix of people for the partner management team. I knew early that it would take six people to get this to work properly: two top creative directors, one great client director, and two very advanced digital marketing experts. Simon is one of the two in the latter category, and the next one will be presented within a few weeks. How do you get people like this? You make them equal partners. Period. I other words, they are all as much Honesty as I am. I love it!

All in all I’m just very excited about this and am looking forward to the next presentation already!

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