Shame On (some of) You!

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I’m not sure that everybody is taking the shift in the media landscape seriously. In Clay Shirky’s talk from 2005 that I showed you the other day, he’s talking about how the invention of the printing press sent us into a couple of hundred years of chaos, and how the internet is going to do the same to us; if only for a good fifty years this time.

Think about it. Our species is what it is because we at some point developed communication. It’s a basic drive in us to communicate with each other. The drive evolved, like every other step of progress in evolution, because it made us survive and replicate better. We choose to communicate topics and stories that stick with us for a series of reasons; some of which being simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility, being emotional and story strength.

What has happened over the course of modern evolution is that transaction costs for communication have dropped insanely. From us having to send people to do the talking, through different stages of drawing and writing, through the printing press, through telephones, radios and television. And now we have the internet which has evolved into an infrastructure grid with incredibly low transaction costs for communicating with millions and millions of people. It doesn’t take money of power anymore – all it takes is a good story.

This is not a passing phase. It’s not something you can sit through and come out the other end doing what you’ve always done. This is our reality, and still I don’t see people scrambling to understand this world. I’ve recently seen people in this business, look at me with big question marks in their eyes when I say things like “the long tail”. It’s insane!

We are SO incredibly lucky to get to work in the communication business at this point in history, because it’s the biggest revolution ever. Much bigger than that of the printing press. So wake the hell up!

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