Social Media’s Finest Hour

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In an effort to keep this blog non-political (oh well, at least a little bit of effort), we’ll not talk too much here about the political effects that this historic event will have on America and on the world (Yeahj! Go Obama cries Walter from his desk a little too loudly!). Instead, we’ll talk about the effects it will have on our business.

Because not only did the people of America put in the White House a black guy called Barrack Hussein Obama as the successor of George W. Bush (only in America), they also gave the world, our collegues, our investors, our critics and our clients the biggest and finest case we could ever wish for to prove us right about a communications model built on social media.

My guess is that this will be widely popularized in our country by the upcoming Swedish elections. Parties will have studied Obama and they will be eager to replicate what he did. They will demand that their respective agencies possess this knowledge and work by these strategies.

So thank you America for rewarding a new way of thinking about communication. Thank you for being so eager to change. Thank you for making my job explaining social media so much easier.

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