Planner Must Read: Were You, Are You, or Will You Be?

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Cover via Amazon With his new book called The Time Paradox, social psychologist Dr Philip Zimbardo lays out behavioral patterns of past-, present-, and future oriented personality types. It’s an incredibly simple, yet insightful theory he puts forth, and one which really highlights the weaknesses of our ordinary demographic segmentation of target groups. I would […]

Is This The New Music Industry?

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I‘m not so sure record labels have a role anymore though. Artists need production, distribution and marketing. Production is cheap and easy today. Perhaps this “new production” will change the sound in some direction, but just like there is a sound of the 70’s for instance, this will be the sound of today. Distribution will […]

Kids Don’t Spend $30000 On CDs.

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In an account of the Pirate Bay trials by Dagens Nyheter, Peter Althin, Peter Sundes lawyer asks IFPI’s chairman and CEO John Kennedy whether Kennedy really claims that everyone who illegally downloaded a record would have bought it if it wasn’t available at sites like Pirate Bay. Kennedy answers yes to this question. I can’t […]

Carlos Ulloa and Papervision 3D

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When I was doing my final project in Computer Graphics and Simulation for my M.Sc. we worked out a web-based 3D helicopter simulator. Back then, it was based on Java 3D and it was quite cool for its time (this was somewhere around 2001). Now, when I look att Carlos Ulloa’s work with Papervision 3D, […]

Planner Discussions Missing The Point

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There is a bit of discussion going on right now about what is relevant to measure in advertising. Some are claiming that only ROI is relevant, while others defend measuring intermittently and on different parameters like recall and recognition. So, who is right? Well – I would love to agree with the “only ROI is […]

Design Talks: Supercars of the late 60’s

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On my new little section “Design Talks” I’ll look at some design case studies that interest me. First out is the supercars of the late 60’s and early 70’s. They are interesting for several reasons. The designs have sprung from technical innovations like the mid-engine layout, but are also politically inspired by the space age […]

Clay Shirky and The Giant Cognitive Surplus

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I picked this clip up from Beta Alfa. It’s Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, who speaks about the “giant cognitive surplus”. Watch it and marvel at facts like “An new Wikipedia could be created every week during the commercial breaks in television if people contributed instead of watching the commercials”. I am so […]

Join The Conspiracy

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When we aired the first set of Join The Conspiracy WeSC commercials that we shot in Stockholm, we were harshly criticized by the advertising community. How could we make something that didn’t make sense?!?! People were angry. People were mocking us. But the films turned out to be immensely successful on MTV and delivered way […]

Celebrating Civilingenjör at Levi’s and Grill!

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Yeehj! The presentation of my masters thesis went great, and I’m now just a signature away from my M.Sc. (civilingenjör) in Media Technology. Took me ten years, but hey… I’ve been busy working for god sake! After taking the train back to Stockholm I met up with the amazing Sara for some chilled Pol Roger […]

If In Doubt – Wink, Peace and Pout

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Saturdays are great. After cleaning up the apartment, I went out inte the super-windy-snowy-cold weather and med up with my pilot for a Café au lait at Saturnus. We talked about things big and small and basically had a good time. When I got back home Saurabh called and suggested Champange at 10. I have […]

Daniel Jouseff, I Love You!

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That’s it. I can’t hold back any longer! I have to show you my new painting! Here it is! It’s by Daniel Jouseff, an amazingly talented young artist that I was lucky enough to become friends with a year and a half ago. He’s made me cry at one of his art shows. That’s how […]

Just Another Fashion Tuesday

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Breakfast is covered already. A bunch of work was mixed up with a lunch with one of the best women in my life, Anna. Fantastic Anna. She works at OSM and spoke the following line over some Sushi: “But Johan, you’ve always been this way…”. I thought about it for a while and decided to […]

Ge mig 100 000 så lovar jag att tänka på dig.

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Floyd Hayes, CD på Cunning New York (tillika min praktikhandledare när det begav sig), är en av de mer intressanta reklamhjärnor jag träffat. Och kanske en av dem som inspirerat mig mest. Han har bland annat lagt ut sin röst till försäljning på eBay, och då menar jag inte hans demokratiska röst, utan hans stämma. […]