What’s the word?

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Digital. What kind of word is that. Everything is digital these days. In fact, things that are not digital are often very lifestyle oriented – vinyl records, morning paper (with obligatory steaming coffee), cameras with film in them. I feel that for a lot of agencies, digital is what things are. So when we say […]

Cannes Countdown: T Minus 3 Days

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We just passed midnight and it’s now thursday. That means Walter is entering special preparation mode for Cannes coverage. Lift off is now three days away. Camera? Check.Video Camera? Check.Ultra bloggable Macbook Air? Check. All you have to do now is flinch, and I’ll be on you like a hawk. Walter Naeslund will miss nothing […]

Saturday and The Mirror Conspiracy

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Good morning! Let’s take it from the top.This is outfit of the day!(Hat from Marc Jacobs, scarf from a Manhattan street salesman, leather jacket from Whyred, hoodie from American Apparel, jeans from WeSC). Dressed to kill. Now off for breakfast with “queen of words” miss K. (If this girl goes into journalism it will be […]

Digitals That Are Forever

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It finally happened. Somebody did what I’ve been predicting for the past 3 years. That somebody started offering hardware upgrades for their digitals. And who would if not Leica. For their M8-cameras. It’s been obvious for a while that it’s a bad idea to view a digital camera purchase as an investment. Technology moves so […]

Mikael Knight Rider and Some Cool New Contacts

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Oh, contacts with built in display (via Zeus Jones). That’s cool. Moreover it solves a problem me and my brother discussed during a night time drive a couple of years ago. My brother Mikael has a particular interest in artificial intelligence and wrote his masters thesis for Volvo on the topic of making a car […]

Another day at the office.

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Today was a day of production. Not the kind where you run around on set shouting in a megaphone, or passionately discussing camera angles and styling. No. This day was about sitting down, with my dying Powerbook (yes, not Mac Book) in my lap, writing. And writing. And writing. I’ve written basically two things. One […]