Virals, Obama and Street Fighting

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Lesson number one. Never release a “viral” close to the inauguration speech, if it’s not a spoof of it. Pretty much everything spreading fast right now is Obama in one form or another. That said, I think that one of the fastest growing non-Obama-virals right now is quite interesting conceptually. They’ve actually created a rudimentary […]

Being Efficient in an Economic Downturn

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Rock n’ roll is dead, order and neatness is here. The economic downturn puts us all in a different spot. And what does it mean for our business? Well, reason would suggest two things – first, people will need to change their priorities. New business will be a tougher job, and there will be less […]

Distill Launch Party and Nextopia

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My mind just went blank. I couldnt’ for the life of me remember wether Michael Dahlén’s new book Nextopia was in Swedish or in English. I just couldn’t. But before I ended up in this situation, the following happened. Last night I went down to the new magazine Distill’s launch party on Strandvägen. I flipped […]

Dead End Advertising is Dead

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I love seeing how campaigns take on their own life. How we create things where we don’t know exactly how people out there are going to transform or recreate them. Creating life. Advertising is boring me to death, but communication is not. We are entering a new era. This time we truly are. Very few […]

Death of Advertising, Take 5.

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I know you’ve heard this before, but most communications people still seem incredibly campaign-focused. What about the continuous work? I believe we have to start seeing ourselves less as print-factories and more like managers, doing continuous work to keep our clients in the spotlight. It’s just like managing a celebrity. Think Samantha Jones. For one […]

A Visit To Gaming Wonderland

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The other day I visited computer game giant EA’s Swedish branch DICE. From their fantastic and huge offices, sprinkled with amazing Phillippe Starck designed lamps and furniture, I overlooked Stockholm from 100 meter+ panorama windows, while sipping away on a latte. Am I in the wrong business I wondered? This two floor mega office houses […]

Digital Design Is Still a Child

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Humanity has been pretty good at graphic design for quite some time now (though we may have called it something else early on). The same goes for packaging design. Sure there have been plenty of innovations along the way such as the printing press, photography and modern day packaging technology, but still. I guess you […]

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Have you ever considered that .com or .net or .se or whatever is pretty geeky and oldfashioned? I mean, really, what has .com got to do with your brand besides being a convention? Now, the end might be near for .com and it’s family. As noted by Brand Republic, brands can soon get their own […]

Communication Driven by Design

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In Cannes I got the question several times why I worked in the design business and not in the advertising business, and for how long I intend to stay. My answer was: I intend to stay with it forever. Regardless of how long I work in “the design business”, I will always keep design as […]

Technology Clowning

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There was A LOT of talk about technology at Cannes this year. A lot of talk about social networks. And mobile. I think there is much confusion about technology. Being an old media technology engineer, I guess I should embrace and defend technology, but even though I love technology, I don’t view it as an […]

The Agency Void

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I have mixed feelings about Cannes 2008. It felt like maybe, just maybe, things are starting to move ever so slightly. I would say that there is a growing void between two different schools of advertising. Myself, I’m clearly on one side. It seems to me that the majority of the world’s advertising juries are […]

Ketchup Just Is

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I put some thought today into what digital communication and “the web” really is. And I’m certain about one thing. It’s not a technology. It’s is less so for each day. When the first car was just a prototype in the lab, it was all technology. Today it’s a lifestyle accessoary. When the computer was […]

Resumé TV From What Felt Like The 80’s

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Our Swedish advertising newspaper Resumé are running a documentary about the Swedish advertising world. In the first episode they visited first the Swedish Consumers Association (advertising skeptics) and then the Advertising Association of Sweden (pro advertising). They also visited some Swedish politicians. What was noteworthy was the prevailing view of advertising as something that people […]

Facebook on The Defensive

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Seems like the Facebook vs. Google-battle is heating up. Facebook just suspended participation in Google’s Friend Connect program giving the following explanation: “We’ve found that it redistributes user information from Facebook to other developers without users’ knowledge, which doesn’t respect the privacy standards our users have come to expect and is a violation of our […]