Brush Your Teeth And Design for The Google Man

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The human body. Such a marvel of engineering. We can do amazing stuff with this machine, things that are many times EXTREMELY difficult to mimic with any machine. If you only consider using the body as a physical tool we are amazing when it comes to detailed movement and interaction, walking upright och playing basketball. […]

Red Haired Iron Lady Designer to Honesty

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We’re on a bit of a hiring streak at the agency. For a while now we’ve been on the look out for an art director with amazing designer skills and a production manager / producer. We’ve also been scouting for a project manager and a strategist. And now we’ve come about half way. Last Thursday, […]

Why Advertising Agencies Rule

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Embrace Experience. Breath Innovation. Produce Intimately. Sure the world has changed. But I think it’s time to realize that we haven’t changed much. A couple of years ago I was one of the people running around screaming that the world was coming to an end, that the traditional advertising agency model was over and that […]

Here Comes The Social Internet Bank!

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Money is important to us. Control over our life situation is too. But then, how can we possibly accept Internet banks as they are today. How can we possibly think that it’s okay to, say, not be able to get a visual overview analysis of our expenses and incomes? How can we possibly put up […]

Jesper Åström Joins Honesty

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Since I drew the first napkin sketch of the Honesty agency in February there has been a lot of toil, sweat and tears. Today I can finally say that stage 2 is completed with the recruitment of Jesper Ă…ström as the final piece of the puzzle. Jesper joins as new digital director alongside Simon SundĂ©n […]

Google’s New Move to Kill Facebook

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Like Picasso, I paint in periods. While he had his periods like blue and pink, I have periods like the recent one on copyright policy, certain internet technologies, and psychology. If you are a long time reader of this blog, you might remember my Open Social and my Friend Connect periods. These are very exciting […]

Give Hope for The Childhood Cancer Foundation Launched

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Yesterday, my last campaign before leaving Identity Works was launched. The Give Hope-campaign for the Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barncancerfonden) was a collaboration between us and the Superstrikers digital agency. I was in charge of concept development and strategy together with the brilliant design strategist Jonas RutegĂĄrd and Superstrikers – a match made in heaven to […]

MySpace 2.0 Launched

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A while back I wrote about MySpace on my other blog (which has been asleep for some time now while I’ve been busy with this one). Last night MySpace launched it’s 2.0 version, and that is of course big news for the world of social media. I haven’t played around with it much yet, but […]

If Tony Robbins Was A Planner

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Some things are just so basic. So obvious. And yet, we sometimes seem to forget about them. In the world of advertising we are often up to our ears in cool designers, focus groups, and media choices that we forget the most basic aspect – human psychology. What makes us do what we do? I […]

Bubble Mania, Design For The Conversation Age

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One of my favorite blogs, Mashable, had a special feature the other day about the use of cartoon bubbles in web design. And it’s absolutely no joke – they are everywhere. It’s ridiculous really once you realize exactly how generic this design element really is. I guess it’s about denoting conversation. Or is it a […]