Q&A From The BBH Labs Post on Honesty

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Yesterday, BBH Labs wrote an interesting post commenting on some of my thoughts on internet transparency and gossip. The post itself, as well as the comments, are well worth a read. Since it’s one of my favorite topics, I naturally wanted in on the discussion myself, but as I started writing a comment on their […]

Top SEO-Presentation From Simon Sundén

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Simon Sundén’s presentation on SEO was one of the best presentations of the entire SSWC-conference. Despite the fact that there was no projector for him to show his prepared presentation on, he still managed to present this fairly technical topic really well. Now his presentation is translated to English and presented on Slideshare. Oh, how […]

Cool! I Just Got Featured on the Slideshare Homepage!

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I just got an email from Slideshare.com stating the following: Hey walternaeslund! Your presentation is currently being featured on the SlideShare homepage by our editorial team. We thank you for this terrific presentation, that has been chosen from amongst the thousands that are uploaded to SlideShare everday. Congratulations! Have a Great Day!, – the SlideShare […]

Social Media Talk in Finland

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Just delivered a 78 minute social media talk in Finland. Apparently somewhere close to the Russian border. I’m not sure. Slept all the way here. Now totally beat and desperately need to get some rest before the sauna madness starts, as it apparently usually does. I’ll write more about it later. Over and out.

Friends, vanity and Nova Barakel

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There is a funny discussion going on about how people were fooled by the fictional Nova Barakel, who was really a marketing product for a new novel. Some people insist that you should only have “real friends” on FB, and not let people like this in, most seem to agree that this is really bad […]

Never Ever Ever Piss Off Creative People!

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If you break something, you fix it. If only United Airlines would have had this moral policy when they broke Dave Carroll’s Taylor guitar, they wouldn’t have suffered. But they did. Oh, they did. Because creative people aren’t like ordinary people. They don’t fight back with legal action that huge and rich organizations can defend […]

Ohoy Sailors!

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All work and no play makes Walter a dull boy. And we don’t want that. I’m currently reloading the batteries out on a boat in the Stockholm archipelago, which is why you don’t get a lot of updates right now. But I am reading up on some interesting stuff and will be back soon with […]

The Most Dangerous Politician in The United States?

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One of the most dangerous politicians in the United States – that’s what CNET calls Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden. What they are talking about is Biden’s relentless attacks on internet liberty, and the threat that he thereby poses to the evolution of technology. Now that the dust has settled and we have sobered up […]

SAAB just got interesting.

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It’s now official. Supercar maker Koenigsegg buys Saab and turns the sleepy techy brand into something completely different. Because even tough Saab has had a sporty aura over it, and a reputation as a fun car to drive, it has had kind of a geeky aroma as well. Koenigsegg adds flair to it, and one […]

A High Value Flirt is Not The Same as Cheating

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Timothy Tore Hebb wrote an article in today’s DN Söndag about “…the advertising- and pr-people’s new ways of reaching out”. Even though I like that people write about these things in mainstream media, I really think Timothy should think through this puppy one more time. The angle of the story is that this type of […]

Cut, Copy, Steal. But never lie.

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Recently I was involved in a campaign that we blatantly stole from another very successful campaign. At least that is what some people say. Me, I would call it a remix. We mashed up a very successful idea with a different set of ingredients, contexts and spices and relaunched it with very open references to […]

Esomar WM3 2009

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This morning I spoke at Esomar WM3 – an amazing event with 150 delegates from 30 countries. After the event I had the privelege to chat with people from all around the globe from China, to USA, to Italy, to Switzerland, Slovenia, to Iran and beyond. Fantastic. I’m already looking forward seeing these people and […]

It’s a War Between Conservatives And Innovators

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I encourage everyone to cut out and frame today’s editorial in DN. It’s one of the strangest editorials I have read in a newspaper of a democratic country, and it will probably be worth money some day. Since it was an editorial, I actually considered cancelling my subscription. But then I read this article, which […]