Henrik Pontén To Become The New National Joke?

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Henrik Pontén of Antipiratbyrån (The Anti Pirate Agency) is quoted saying the following in SvD: “Naturally this [the verdict in the Pirate Bay trial] is a success for all rights owners and creatives…” This quote makes me think of the one where Ines Uusman said (in 1996) that “the Internet is a fad that will […]

Your Business Card is Crap

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The Honesty business cards are printed with Helvetica on uncoated paper. Slightly larger type to improve clarity. Simple as can be. It’s precisely the type of business card that this guy would HATE. Thanks to Frenne for sharing.

A Wrap Up of Todays Guldäggsseminarier

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The “Golden Egg Award” week och seminars and debates has begun, and I have mixed feelings. Today’s fist talk by Anita Dunn was simple but excellent. No fancy slide show. No cool styling. Just an excellent talk about her work with the Obama campaign. An I think it contained a lot of what Swedish marketers […]

Party Invitation!

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For those of you who are in Stockholm on Wednesday (March 4), we’re throwing a creatives party at Collage (Ingemar Bergmans gata 2, behind Riche) 21.00-01.00. One of the pieces for the Friday night art exhibition at Berns will be created live at the party by you and the artist, my co-host Daniel Jouseff. Drinks […]

Kids Don’t Spend $30000 On CDs.

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In an account of the Pirate Bay trials by Dagens Nyheter, Peter Althin, Peter Sundes lawyer asks IFPI’s chairman and CEO John Kennedy whether Kennedy really claims that everyone who illegally downloaded a record would have bought it if it wasn’t available at sites like Pirate Bay. Kennedy answers yes to this question. I can’t […]

Forget About Pirate Bay. Go After Apple!

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In the Pirate Bay trials, it seems to be troublesome for the prosecutor to prove that Pirate Bay has made money off of copyrighted material. But since I always try to be optimistic, I have a suggestion for the prosecutor: Go after Apple instead. An iPod Classic retails for $249. It has a capacity of […]

The New Forsman & Bodenfors Site Review

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A little over a year ago I wrote about the Forsman&Bodenfors site that never seemed to air. And now, finally, it has. The lesson that I talked about back then was that polishing and polishing on your product, and not getting it out there is fatal in times of rapid change. I also quoted Guy […]

Business Travel and The Good New Days

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Goodbye Jönköping. After finishing a good hotel breakfast I’m on my way back to Stockholm. I sometimes fly when I do these kinds of trips, but I must say the train is far superior. Electricity and WiFi is included in the ticket, and I can work just as easily as I can from the office. […]