Is Spotify the Darth Vader of Music?

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As Spotify launched their iPhone app, the crowd cheered. The talented SEO-expert (and comedian) Simon Sundén publishes the follwing graph of Spotify Premium sales that went viral amongst us nerds. Half us us thought is was true, and who knows, it may be. But even if this graphic joke isn’t true, it illustrates something quiet […]

What the World Will Look Like in 25 Years

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When I went to ad-school I felt that the school was in many respects molding people into replicas of what ad-people were supposed to be. Now I feel that this is perhaps about to change. The other day I got interview questions from Hyper Island regarding digital trends, and today I got another question from […]

Friends, vanity and Nova Barakel

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There is a funny discussion going on about how people were fooled by the fictional Nova Barakel, who was really a marketing product for a new novel. Some people insist that you should only have “real friends” on FB, and not let people like this in, most seem to agree that this is really bad […]

Party Invitation!

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For those of you who are in Stockholm on Wednesday (March 4), we’re throwing a creatives party at Collage (Ingemar Bergmans gata 2, behind Riche) 21.00-01.00. One of the pieces for the Friday night art exhibition at Berns will be created live at the party by you and the artist, my co-host Daniel Jouseff. Drinks […]

The Bar Brawl of The Swedish Twittersphere

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It all started when the fashion brand Acne started following Fredrik Wass of Bisonblog fame on Twitter. Fredrik felt spammed and wrote a heated post on his blog. Jesper Åström responded at his Online PR-blog. In essence he made very good points i think, but his angle was all crooked. Instead of heading into a […]

The Labels Are Playing a Dangerous Game With Spotify

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Yesterday Spotify announced that they are removing songs from their database, and imposing country restrictions on others. Again, we see the record labels showing off their power. But it’s really a dangerous game to play. As I’ve said before, both in lectures and on this blog, the only way to properly fight piracy is to […]

Give Hope for The Childhood Cancer Foundation Launched

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Yesterday, my last campaign before leaving Identity Works was launched. The Give Hope-campaign for the Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barncancerfonden) was a collaboration between us and the Superstrikers digital agency. I was in charge of concept development and strategy together with the brilliant design strategist Jonas Rutegård and Superstrikers – a match made in heaven to […]

Six Categories of Advertising Greatness

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I recently read about a study from 1999 where the Israeli research team had studied 200 highly regarded advertisments – ads that were all finalists and winners in top advertising competitions. When analyzing these ads, they realized that most of them (89%) could be categorized into one of 6 different categories or templates (example: “Extreme […]

Ketchup Just Is

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I put some thought today into what digital communication and “the web” really is. And I’m certain about one thing. It’s not a technology. It’s is less so for each day. When the first car was just a prototype in the lab, it was all technology. Today it’s a lifestyle accessoary. When the computer was […]


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“Winning” is a concept that fascinates us humans. Especially men seem to be fascinated by it, and have been since we were still just mamals butting heads. But there are really three types of winning. The first type is when you compete with your friends, family, spouse, girl-/boyfriend, or even kids. Not a very rewarding […]

Facebook on The Defensive

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Seems like the Facebook vs. Google-battle is heating up. Facebook just suspended participation in Google’s Friend Connect program giving the following explanation: “We’ve found that it redistributes user information from Facebook to other developers without users’ knowledge, which doesn’t respect the privacy standards our users have come to expect and is a violation of our […]