Here Comes The Social Internet Bank!

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Money is important to us. Control over our life situation is too. But then, how can we possibly accept Internet banks as they are today. How can we possibly think that it’s okay to, say, not be able to get a visual overview analysis of our expenses and incomes? How can we possibly put up […]

SEO-Failure Topping Lowe Brindfors Search

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[EDIT: Sorry. My bad. Was a bit quick there. The true result for this post is position 4, not 3. Thank you Simon Sundén for your correct result]. Didn’t mean to return to the Lowe Brindfors case, but since I got a few comments in defense of ignoring SEO, saying that Lowe Brindfors don’t need […]

Varför jag röstar Pirat på söndag.

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I often refer from my private Swedish blog to this one, but rarely do it the other way around. Today, I will make an exception because of extraordinary and dangerous events that have taken place in Swedish politics and courtrooms recently. So if you read Swedish and intend to vote in this Sunday’s elections, please […]

The Mijau and The Rockstar Entrepreneur

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Haha, I love it when I get attributed with stuff like “rockstar entrepreneur” or ending every party blog post with a “mijau”. Never realized I did. I generally love the rockstar attribute. I’ve gotten it once before by the excellent swedish copywriter Johan Fredrikzon: “Walter is one of those rare individuals who combine the analytics […]

Distill Launch Party and Nextopia

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My mind just went blank. I couldnt’ for the life of me remember wether Michael Dahlén’s new book Nextopia was in Swedish or in English. I just couldn’t. But before I ended up in this situation, the following happened. Last night I went down to the new magazine Distill’s launch party on Strandvägen. I flipped […]

Judith’s Blog

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My old classmate from Lund University, Judith, has started a blog (in Swedish) that I like. Read it here. She posted a recommendation to check out Marty Neuemeier’s Brand Gap presentation on Slideshare. Though perhaps not all new, it’s a great presentation that I highly recommend: | View | Upload your own I really like […]

Push & Pull in Strategic Symphony

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Almost a year ago I wrote this post (in Swedish) on the topic of forcing your communication onto the consumer. When I rode my bike this morning I put some more thought into it. If we lift our binoculars to the horizon and try to do some planning for the future, we could do the […]

More on The Stupidity of Discrimination

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I read in the morning paper that 1 out of 146 board members in Swedish state owned companies is of non-Nordic origin. That’s ridiculous. In the light of this apparent discrimination, read this post again. My point is that it is NOT an act of charity to bring a wide set of experience into your […]

VOTE: Should This Blog Be in Swedish?

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My native language is Swedish. On my flight to Paris last week I had a discussion about the language on this blog. I would say that somewhere around 85% of my readers today are Swedish, so is it really such a good idea to write in English? These are some of the pros and cons:Pro […]

Och deras namn betyder… avvikelse.

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Anomaly är världens mest innovativa kommunikationsbyrå om man får tro tidningen Fast Company’s lista över världens mest innovativa företag. (De är på plats 24. Designbyrån IDEO är på plats 5 men är mer inriktade på industridesign). På samma lista är Google nummer ett och Apple nummer två, så det är ingen brist på konkurrens. Varför […]

Is Our Agency Model Outdated?

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My friend Nina wrote this post (in Swedish) about planning and the role of the planner. It’s a relevant discussion. Actually, it’s relevant to discuss every role of an agency in the light of the current changes in the media landscape. There are several possible ways to model an agency, but to make it simple […]

Välkommen till reklamvärlden

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I reklamvärlden har vi likadana skor. Vi har väldigt roligt när vi tävlar. Jag och Sandra hade roligast. Vi är vänsterhänta. Och vi fuskar när vi får chansen. Vi har snygga reklamarskägg. Och vi gör fina saker. Som till exempel den här moderiktiga modellhjälmen som man kan använda när man skall gå på catwalken i […]

Vin, bakelser och Betsey Johnsson

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Väldigt intressant att gå runt här. Både som reklamare, som vanlig kille och som livsnjutare. Det är faktiskt svårt att förklara för någon som inte varit här vad som är så fantastiskt, men det bara är det. Åk hit. Gårdagen spenderades med en massa promenerande. Mitt kontor var inte riktigt klart än, men det är […]

New York-reklam och fruktsallad

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in Jag konstaterar att mycket reklam här är riktigt dålig. Mycket medicinsk reklam som är lång i oändlighet och ägnar halva tiden, vilket lagen kräfver, åt att lista bieffekterna. Mycket krängig reklam. Men också mycket bra reklam. Man känner en helt annan stolthet över att driva verksamhet, en helt annan anda av att bygga och […]