Impressive Talk by Naoki Iko The Highlight of The Week

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Microsoft delivered today. There were two excellent talks, the first one being by Nick Bailey of AKQA. It was a fairly traditional presentation of some very good work. Fiat’s Eco Drive, an in-car-USB-powered Nike+ for cars. Cool. Though I think that it would have been even cooler with an industry-wide call to action where Fiat […]

Wrap Up of Day 2: Thou Shalt Be Honest

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Back from today’s seminars. I’m really quite tired, but try to give you a short wrap up here of today’s events. It will be brief, but I believe that if you’re one of the fairly dedicated people reading this blog, you’ll find more ground breaking stuff in your regular Twitter- and RSS-feeds than in these […]

A Wrap Up of Todays Guldäggsseminarier

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The “Golden Egg Award” week och seminars and debates has begun, and I have mixed feelings. Today’s fist talk by Anita Dunn was simple but excellent. No fancy slide show. No cool styling. Just an excellent talk about her work with the Obama campaign. An I think it contained a lot of what Swedish marketers […]

Is This The New Music Industry?

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I‘m not so sure record labels have a role anymore though. Artists need production, distribution and marketing. Production is cheap and easy today. Perhaps this “new production” will change the sound in some direction, but just like there is a sound of the 70’s for instance, this will be the sound of today. Distribution will […]

We Are The Pick Up Artists of Business.

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I‘ve said for a long time that working in marketing is a lot like picking up girls. Sorry if that sounded sexist, girl or guy is all about preference, I prefer girl. Nonetheless, it’s true. And then Carl came along and suggested that Michael Dahlén’s next book might be a “The Game – Business Edition”. […]

New Categories, Old Thinking

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The Swedish advertising award Guldägget just announced new digital categories. The categories are: 1. Interactive Category A: Sites Includes campaign sites and corporate sites. 2. Interactive Category B: Advertising Includes banners, mobile marketing and SEO. 3. Interactive Category C: Other digital media Includes widgets, applications, digital events, interactive tools and social media. This segmentation into […]

Death of Advertising, Take 5.

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I know you’ve heard this before, but most communications people still seem incredibly campaign-focused. What about the continuous work? I believe we have to start seeing ourselves less as print-factories and more like managers, doing continuous work to keep our clients in the spotlight. It’s just like managing a celebrity. Think Samantha Jones. For one […]

The Agency Void

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I have mixed feelings about Cannes 2008. It felt like maybe, just maybe, things are starting to move ever so slightly. I would say that there is a growing void between two different schools of advertising. Myself, I’m clearly on one side. It seems to me that the majority of the world’s advertising juries are […]

Cannes 2008 Day X: Invasion & Psychology

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Cannes is now under siege. There are so many advertising people here now, from Sweden and elsewhere, it’s just ridiculous. Counting days doesn’t feel relevant anymore. It’s just intense. Seminars seem to have picked up ever so slightly in quality. MRM Worldwide at least had the sense to put psychology at the center of their […]

Cannes 2008: Day 1

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So. Walter Naeslund has landed in Cannes. Hotel fixed. Quick social call to Social Club in the marina, visiting their obligatory 50-footer. Markus had cut his hair. Nice. Some food of course. Coffee. You know, the usual french routine. The seminar on viral marketing was all hyped and ended in disappointment for me. I’m growing […]

Thoughts on Apple and Communicative Design

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I entered a discussion on one of my previous posts about product design, and I’ll post some of my answers here as a regular post for all of you who don’t delve into the comments regularly: Things are always infinitely more complex than any descripition. Such is the nature of information and knowledge. Simplification is […]

Push & Pull in Strategic Symphony

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Almost a year ago I wrote this post (in Swedish) on the topic of forcing your communication onto the consumer. When I rode my bike this morning I put some more thought into it. If we lift our binoculars to the horizon and try to do some planning for the future, we could do the […]