Is The Brand of Green Going Stale?

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There is not much left in the world that is not green, organic, and sustainable. If I want to be evil and don’t care for mother Earth, I’m really stuck with a pitiful selection of Earth-abusing stuff. When I was in New York the other week the apple was really greener then big. Everybody wants […]

Z-Cards Everywhere

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Z-Card. They now have my attention. Just today I’ve received direct marketing by regular mail, I’ve seen their ad in Resumé, I’ve gotten an e-mail from them and something else that I don’t even remember. Omni-presence works. They have my attention, but not so much my interest. They sort of have my involvement in this […]

Selling Cars

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The other day I was at Resumé’s event about marketing of cars. Here are some key points from my notes: It’s all VERY conservative. It’s a lot about nice photography (chrome-porn), and what’s worse, some “nice photo of car”-ads were actually considered “good” by some of the people present. I would say that these people […]

A Strange Winter Night in Stockholm

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There is something about Swedes. We sit outside in the middle of the winter if there is just the slightest possibility and an infrared warmer. Anyway, this particular night we had tea at East (outside of course). Me and Carl were so tired we were really not very good company to WeSC marketing genious Hanna. […]

Free is The New Black

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So the next Battlefield computer game, Battlefield Heroes, is going to be free of charge. Dice have decided it will be funded by advertising instead. Interesting. Even more interesting is that there will be no advertising inside of the game, but rather on the site where you download the game. Hmmm… It seems to me […]

Viral Punishment is the New MAAS.

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Today has been a day of expensive shopping, meetings and work. Right now I’m writing to you from the pool area of The Standard Hollywood, one of my favorite hotels in the world, sipping calmly on a watermelon Mojito. Nice. Wired is one of my favorite magazines. The latest issue was unusually good. I recommend […]

Why Your Ads are Mostly Spam

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Spam. I’m not talking about the Viagra ones, but the more sinister ones. The ones you get from your friends. To me, getting a message which is not adressed to me personally, and is not relevant to me is spam. The larger the adressed group, the more I categorize it as spam. I’m not sure […]

Great Marketing As A Service!

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A really nice idea for MAAS (marketing as a service) is SAS’ new Crew Guide series. I mean, really, who is better suited for writing a guide to traveling and enjoying short stays at destinations than flight professionals. The SAS crew for instance. The crew guides, which are actually pretty good, have already gotten a […]

Turning Social Marketing Up to Eleven.

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Now here is an interesting idea! Buy Something Day. It’s a reaction (I would guess) to “Buy Nothing Day” that has been manifested in Sweden in protest of capitalism. Buy Something Day on the other hand manifests it’s support OF capitalism and the free market, without which our country would be much like the cold […]

OK, can we skip this word "viral" already?!

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I did also appreciate Seth Godin’s original “Idea Virus”-era, but that was back in the early noughties. What has since been known as viral marketing is what we should all be doing. Only, the word viral, apart from being totally abused and misused, doesn’t make sense semantically. What we are doing is social marketing. It’s […]

Marketing Description Language

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By the way – jag sa väl att MySpace HAR tagit till sig OpenSocial? (Och även, Friendster, hi5, Hyves, imeem, LinkedIn, Ning, Oracle, orkut, Plaxo,, Six Apart, Tianji, Viadeo, and XING.) För övrigt beskriver Zeus Jones OpenSocial som ett Marketing Description Language. Om det var någon som undrade varför jag tjatar så mycket […]

"Vi borde göra något på nätet också!"

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Jag vet. Jag brukar säga att Internet inte är ett medium, utan en infrastruktur. Som en väg. Men den beskrivningen är inte särskilt användbar. Mer användbart är att se Internet en grupp av medier. Jag menar – You Tube är väl snarare en form av TV än en interaktiv tjänst? Visst, du kan betygssätta och […]

Marketing by Party!

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Jag har nog inte riktigt förstått varumärket WeSC full ut förrän igår. Många varumärken har kändisar kopplade till sig och sponsrar dem, men WeSC har inte några. De har aktivister istället. Sponsrade kändisar om man så vill, men till skillnad från hur det ofta är annars har dessa människor en genuin kärlek till varumärket. Är […]