How to Love Mean People and Embrace Failure

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First off, thanks for putting and at two out of the three top positions for fastest growing sites in Sweden on SIS-Index. Awesome! They weren’t very big to start with, but success is not an absolute, but a relative. Today I really don’t feel like talking shop. It’s just one of those days. […]

Is Spotify the Darth Vader of Music?

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As Spotify launched their iPhone app, the crowd cheered. The talented SEO-expert (and comedian) Simon Sundén publishes the follwing graph of Spotify Premium sales that went viral amongst us nerds. Half us us thought is was true, and who knows, it may be. But even if this graphic joke isn’t true, it illustrates something quiet […]

Never Ever Ever Piss Off Creative People!

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If you break something, you fix it. If only United Airlines would have had this moral policy when they broke Dave Carroll’s Taylor guitar, they wouldn’t have suffered. But they did. Oh, they did. Because creative people aren’t like ordinary people. They don’t fight back with legal action that huge and rich organizations can defend […]

Spotify Goes Mobile and Offline!

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When I lectured at Stockholm School of Economics about the future of music and video I remember receiving a few critical questions about mobility: “What about when you’re mobile?”, “What about when you’re on a plane?”, “What about when you don’t have an internet connection?”. Ladies and gentlemen, here is your answer: And by the […]

Checkmate. Spofity Opens Up API To Developers.

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Finally it happened. Spotify released libspotify, thereby making it possible to develop third party applications to interact with the Spotify platform. I know we’ve all been talking about it since the start, and that it has been a long time ambition, but we were never quite sure if they would make the move or when. […]

I Never Want To Be Anything But An Amateur.

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I‘m sitting here reading a blog post by Ted Valentin where he reminds me of a quote from Chris Andersson’s The Long Tail: “… In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the combination of the electric guitar, the arrival of cheap multitrack recorders, and the fine example set by Sex Pistols gave licence to a […]

Is This The New Music Industry?

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I‘m not so sure record labels have a role anymore though. Artists need production, distribution and marketing. Production is cheap and easy today. Perhaps this “new production” will change the sound in some direction, but just like there is a sound of the 70’s for instance, this will be the sound of today. Distribution will […]

Kids Don’t Spend $30000 On CDs.

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In an account of the Pirate Bay trials by Dagens Nyheter, Peter Althin, Peter Sundes lawyer asks IFPI’s chairman and CEO John Kennedy whether Kennedy really claims that everyone who illegally downloaded a record would have bought it if it wasn’t available at sites like Pirate Bay. Kennedy answers yes to this question. I can’t […]

Feminist, Masculinist, Humanist, Love.

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I‘m excited about the new LOVE-magazine. It fills a void that has been apparent for a while. It’s just like when the gay movement got proud. An attitude of “here I am” is always sexy. And I mean sexy in the best possible way. But it’s also a symbol of something else. The feminist movement […]

Forget About Pirate Bay. Go After Apple!

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In the Pirate Bay trials, it seems to be troublesome for the prosecutor to prove that Pirate Bay has made money off of copyrighted material. But since I always try to be optimistic, I have a suggestion for the prosecutor: Go after Apple instead. An iPod Classic retails for $249. It has a capacity of […]

The Labels Are Playing a Dangerous Game With Spotify

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Yesterday Spotify announced that they are removing songs from their database, and imposing country restrictions on others. Again, we see the record labels showing off their power. But it’s really a dangerous game to play. As I’ve said before, both in lectures and on this blog, the only way to properly fight piracy is to […]

True Blogging

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I think it’s interesting to see how the Insider’s Journal-blog of Björn Borg is posting pictures from their work on the SS10 collection. I think this is the way to do a blog. Very open, very involving, taking your customers with you on the journey. Screw secrecy, and tease the nextopia nerve by being smart, […]

2009 Free Spotify Advice

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Dear Spotify, Here is an idea that I would like to see implemented: When I go to the URL I get this: Instead, what I would like to see here is a feed containing everything I have shared (songs, playlists, etc). Easy piecy, expected, and very handy. How about it guys and gals at […]