Clownvertising, Terrorism, and Candy Cane Briefs

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I‘ve always been interested in economics, because economics is a great way to model, measure and understand human behavior. In a TED-talk I watched over a bowl of indian curry (I got stuck alone in the office over lunch), Loretta Napoleoni explains the economics of terrorism and how it relates to the economics of the […]

Jesper Åström Joins Honesty

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Since I drew the first napkin sketch of the Honesty agency in February there has been a lot of toil, sweat and tears. Today I can finally say that stage 2 is completed with the recruitment of Jesper Åström as the final piece of the puzzle. Jesper joins as new digital director alongside Simon Sundén […]

First look at Google Chrome for OSX

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I‘ve been trying out an early developers version of Chrome for OSX for a couple of days, and I must say it’s very impressive. In terms of sheer speed and user experience it’s the best browser I’ve tried on the Mac. If only I get some of my favorite add-ons (TreeStyleTabs and ScribeFire specifically), this […]

SEO-Failure Topping Lowe Brindfors Search

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[EDIT: Sorry. My bad. Was a bit quick there. The true result for this post is position 4, not 3. Thank you Simon Sundén for your correct result]. Didn’t mean to return to the Lowe Brindfors case, but since I got a few comments in defense of ignoring SEO, saying that Lowe Brindfors don’t need […]

Friends, vanity and Nova Barakel

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There is a funny discussion going on about how people were fooled by the fictional Nova Barakel, who was really a marketing product for a new novel. Some people insist that you should only have “real friends” on FB, and not let people like this in, most seem to agree that this is really bad […]

Sweden’s Most Swedish Job Completed

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Today the “Sweden’s most swedish job”-campaign that I was involved in with Syrup Sthlm and Bizkit earlier this year came to an end. Calle Engström, who has been traveling around Sweden blogging, filming and tweeting about his experience, arrived to Stockholm and the STF hostel Af Chapman after posting 82 YouTube-films, 371 blog posts and […]

Google Wave – First Impressions

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Ok. So I’m now live with the Google Wave developers preview sandbox, and so far it feels very very cool, though somewhat confusing at first. My first impression is that it is not like anything I’m used to. It’s sort of like a mix of everything, threading discussions and topics all over the place. Somehow […]

The Most Dangerous Politician in The United States?

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One of the most dangerous politicians in the United States – that’s what CNET calls Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden. What they are talking about is Biden’s relentless attacks on internet liberty, and the threat that he thereby poses to the evolution of technology. Now that the dust has settled and we have sobered up […]

Welcome to IPREDIA – Campaign of The Year?

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A very intelligent person figured out that it’s hard to use laws like IPRED to attack file sharers if you can’t prove that the person responsible for the internet connection is the person responsible for, say, the shared MP3. The same intelligent person thus opened up her WIFI-base station for anyone to use. And she […]

Cut, Copy, Steal. But never lie.

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Recently I was involved in a campaign that we blatantly stole from another very successful campaign. At least that is what some people say. Me, I would call it a remix. We mashed up a very successful idea with a different set of ingredients, contexts and spices and relaunched it with very open references to […]

Esomar WM3 2009

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This morning I spoke at Esomar WM3 – an amazing event with 150 delegates from 30 countries. After the event I had the privelege to chat with people from all around the globe from China, to USA, to Italy, to Switzerland, Slovenia, to Iran and beyond. Fantastic. I’m already looking forward seeing these people and […]

3 Steps To The Perfect Powernap

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Every now and then I like to do a rerun on my most popular post ever – The Power Nap School. I promise you, taking that 15 minute nap in the afternoon will transform you life. It makes you more creative, more energetic, and allows for fewer hours sleep at night. For me, around 6 […]