See My Opening Keynote at Esomar WM3 2009!

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Last week I announced that I will be speaking at the Bring Dialogue Conference this summer, a speaking opportunity that I’m very excited about. Today I’m proud to announce that I will also be making the opening keynote adress at the Esomar WM3 Conference to be held Sweden this year. At the Clarion Sign Hotel […]

Being Efficient in an Economic Downturn

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Rock n’ roll is dead, order and neatness is here. The economic downturn puts us all in a different spot. And what does it mean for our business? Well, reason would suggest two things – first, people will need to change their priorities. New business will be a tougher job, and there will be less […]

Planner Discussions Missing The Point

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There is a bit of discussion going on right now about what is relevant to measure in advertising. Some are claiming that only ROI is relevant, while others defend measuring intermittently and on different parameters like recall and recognition. So, who is right? Well – I would love to agree with the “only ROI is […]

BK Crown Card

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Burger King’s lifetime crown card is one of those ideas that are just so simple, yet incredibly effective. They’ve understood that celebs (or anyone for that matter) are not impressed by burgers, but by status. Giving out a lifetime card for free burgers to these celebs is not done to feed them, but to make […]

"Vi borde göra något på nätet också!"

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Jag vet. Jag brukar säga att Internet inte är ett medium, utan en infrastruktur. Som en väg. Men den beskrivningen är inte särskilt användbar. Mer användbart är att se Internet en grupp av medier. Jag menar – You Tube är väl snarare en form av TV än en interaktiv tjänst? Visst, du kan betygssätta och […]