Jesper Åström Joins Honesty

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Since I drew the first napkin sketch of the Honesty agency in February there has been a lot of toil, sweat and tears. Today I can finally say that stage 2 is completed with the recruitment of Jesper Åström as the final piece of the puzzle. Jesper joins as new digital director alongside Simon Sundén […]

Presenting The New Partners at Honesty!

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Great news! We have now finished our first round of expansion at Honesty and now have four of the six partners here full time! Fantastic! Honesty will be divided into three units, each responsible for their own area of expertise. The three areas are Management & Strategy, Digital Business Development, and Creative Studio. Two of […]

Top SEO-Presentation From Simon Sundén

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Simon Sundén’s presentation on SEO was one of the best presentations of the entire SSWC-conference. Despite the fact that there was no projector for him to show his prepared presentation on, he still managed to present this fairly technical topic really well. Now his presentation is translated to English and presented on Slideshare. Oh, how […]

Social Media Talk in Finland

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Just delivered a 78 minute social media talk in Finland. Apparently somewhere close to the Russian border. I’m not sure. Slept all the way here. Now totally beat and desperately need to get some rest before the sauna madness starts, as it apparently usually does. I’ll write more about it later. Over and out.

Friends, vanity and Nova Barakel

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There is a funny discussion going on about how people were fooled by the fictional Nova Barakel, who was really a marketing product for a new novel. Some people insist that you should only have “real friends” on FB, and not let people like this in, most seem to agree that this is really bad […]

Sweden’s Most Swedish Job Completed

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Today the “Sweden’s most swedish job”-campaign that I was involved in with Syrup Sthlm and Bizkit earlier this year came to an end. Calle Engström, who has been traveling around Sweden blogging, filming and tweeting about his experience, arrived to Stockholm and the STF hostel Af Chapman after posting 82 YouTube-films, 371 blog posts and […]

Never Ever Ever Piss Off Creative People!

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If you break something, you fix it. If only United Airlines would have had this moral policy when they broke Dave Carroll’s Taylor guitar, they wouldn’t have suffered. But they did. Oh, they did. Because creative people aren’t like ordinary people. They don’t fight back with legal action that huge and rich organizations can defend […]

Planner Must Read: Were You, Are You, or Will You Be?

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Cover via Amazon With his new book called The Time Paradox, social psychologist Dr Philip Zimbardo lays out behavioral patterns of past-, present-, and future oriented personality types. It’s an incredibly simple, yet insightful theory he puts forth, and one which really highlights the weaknesses of our ordinary demographic segmentation of target groups. I would […]

We Are All PR-Agencies Of Course.

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One last thought before heading of to bed: What is the difference between “word of mouth”, PR in a world of blogs and social media, and the Honesty and Volontaire communications strategies, where we among other things agree that topics have replaced messages? Suggestions, anyone? How about tossing out these labels and rethink, shall we?

A Very Flattering Speaking Opportunity Indeed!

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I can now announce with great pride that I will be speaking at the Bring Dialogue Conference in Strömstad this summer. The topic will be how social media impacts strategies for other media channels, and it’s a topic which engages me deeply. Other speakers of the conference include business rock stars like professors Micael Dahlén […]

3 Ways of Striking Out in a Social Media Pitch

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Strike 1. The first and perhaps the most important mistake in social media is to start out with what you want to say rather than what engages people. Sure, you might be on strategy with your message, but nobody will talk about it. You can’t take the classic advertising agency approach and buy yourself in, […]

The New Forsman & Bodenfors Site Review

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A little over a year ago I wrote about the Forsman&Bodenfors site that never seemed to air. And now, finally, it has. The lesson that I talked about back then was that polishing and polishing on your product, and not getting it out there is fatal in times of rapid change. I also quoted Guy […]

The Bar Brawl of The Swedish Twittersphere

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It all started when the fashion brand Acne started following Fredrik Wass of Bisonblog fame on Twitter. Fredrik felt spammed and wrote a heated post on his blog. Jesper Åström responded at his Online PR-blog. In essence he made very good points i think, but his angle was all crooked. Instead of heading into a […]

4 Hours of Social Media in Jönköping

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The 4-hour crash course on social media played out well i think. (If anyone of you attended, please comment and let me know what you thought). The venue was awesome with great lighting and acoustics, and plenty of space to move around. Just the way i like it. Thanks everyone! Hope to see you again […]