The 4-Hour Crash Course on Social Media.

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In two days I’ll enter the stage for a four hour talk on social media. I don’t do four hours. I do 30 minutes. One hour. Sometimes two. Last week I actually did three for the first time, but never four. But now, sitting here putting together this gigantic keynote feels kind of rewarding. Suddenly […]

Help! Social Media Is Dying!

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Soon, the term “social media” will be so overused that it really has no positioning value. This will certainly affect us since we are claiming just that position on the market. I guess we’re already there. Every agency out there is running around shouting social media at anything resembling a client. So far I’ve seen […]

Charlene Li’s Predictions. Right or Wrong?

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Charlene Li, one of the authors of the excellent book Groundswell presented this set of slides the other day. I find them to be fairly well in sync with what I see happening. What do you think? The Future Of Social Networks View more presentations or upload your own. (tags: future advertising)

Fruit & Blogging Workshop With Super Strikers.

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Today I’m spending time with the brilliant minds of Super Strikers, preparing a secret pitch. I can divulge that it concerns monetizing the blogosphere. Our work process today is to sit around a conference table stacked up with fruit, collaborating hunched over our MacBook Pros. It’s turning out rather nicely. Some of these things are […]

Seesmic’s Got Me Hooked. I Think.

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So, Seesmic has my attention. What du you think of this Twitter-ish video service. Either it’s an amazing way to build relationships or it’s TOO intimate and will meet the same fate as video-calls on 3G-phones. (At least here in Sweden, video-calls are just dead). But so far I’m intrigued. This seems really cool to […]

Virals, Obama and Street Fighting

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Lesson number one. Never release a “viral” close to the inauguration speech, if it’s not a spoof of it. Pretty much everything spreading fast right now is Obama in one form or another. That said, I think that one of the fastest growing non-Obama-virals right now is quite interesting conceptually. They’ve actually created a rudimentary […]

Is Web 2.0 Just a Big Baby?

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Now this is a very interesting and sober article on Web 2.0. It also highlights how immature this business really is (even though it does make the case that it is really quite old for being this immature). I find it especially interesting to see that the Facebook staff consists of no less than 600 […]

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If you are like me, and appreciate visual resources, you might want to check out WordPress TV. It’s a visual resource for everything WordPress. And we all love WordPress, don’t we!

2009 Free Spotify Advice

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Dear Spotify, Here is an idea that I would like to see implemented: When I go to the URL I get this: Instead, what I would like to see here is a feed containing everything I have shared (songs, playlists, etc). Easy piecy, expected, and very handy. How about it guys and gals at […]

Lesson Given, Lessons Learned

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In the taxi on my way to the airport. The plane for Stockholm leaves in one hour. Last night I gave another lecture on social media, this time at the Hyper Island school of digital communication. I love giving lectures for several reasons. One, obviously is that I learn from the participants. Another one, just […]

Predictions And Afterthoughts

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Times change, and it’s always easy to be smart when looking back. But when you’re back there, things are rarely that obvious. We can laugh at Bill Gates for saying that 640k of RAM is all anyone will ever need (or did he?), but predicting the future is a whole different ball game. An excellent […]

Death of Privacy For Brands

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In the last post I asked the question whether the death of privacy will improve the quality of behavior in our society. I guess this is a bit controversial. But you can see the exact same thing for brands. And here is not very controversial at all. The privacy of brands is under heavy fire […]

MySpace 2.0 Launched

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A while back I wrote about MySpace on my other blog (which has been asleep for some time now while I’ve been busy with this one). Last night MySpace launched it’s 2.0 version, and that is of course big news for the world of social media. I haven’t played around with it much yet, but […]