Is Spotify the Darth Vader of Music?

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As Spotify launched their iPhone app, the crowd cheered. The talented SEO-expert (and comedian) Simon Sundén publishes the follwing graph of Spotify Premium sales that went viral amongst us nerds. Half us us thought is was true, and who knows, it may be. But even if this graphic joke isn’t true, it illustrates something quiet […]

Spotify Goes Mobile and Offline!

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When I lectured at Stockholm School of Economics about the future of music and video I remember receiving a few critical questions about mobility: “What about when you’re mobile?”, “What about when you’re on a plane?”, “What about when you don’t have an internet connection?”. Ladies and gentlemen, here is your answer: And by the […]

Checkmate. Spofity Opens Up API To Developers.

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Finally it happened. Spotify released libspotify, thereby making it possible to develop third party applications to interact with the Spotify platform. I know we’ve all been talking about it since the start, and that it has been a long time ambition, but we were never quite sure if they would make the move or when. […]

The Labels Are Playing a Dangerous Game With Spotify

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Yesterday Spotify announced that they are removing songs from their database, and imposing country restrictions on others. Again, we see the record labels showing off their power. But it’s really a dangerous game to play. As I’ve said before, both in lectures and on this blog, the only way to properly fight piracy is to […]

2009 Free Spotify Advice

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Dear Spotify, Here is an idea that I would like to see implemented: When I go to the URL I get this: Instead, what I would like to see here is a feed containing everything I have shared (songs, playlists, etc). Easy piecy, expected, and very handy. How about it guys and gals at […]

Google Friend Connect and The Walter Naeslund VIP!

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I just recieved my whitelisting for Google Friend Connect, and will now start testing on this and my other blog. We’ll call the membership Walter Naeslund VIP, and you can join below on the right. Members get special give-aways, invitations and other goodies. For instance I have a few Spotify-invites to give away as we […]

MySpace 2.0 Launched

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A while back I wrote about MySpace on my other blog (which has been asleep for some time now while I’ve been busy with this one). Last night MySpace launched it’s 2.0 version, and that is of course big news for the world of social media. I haven’t played around with it much yet, but […]

Spotify Launches And MySpace Counters

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Interesting. Spotify launched a couple of days ago, and I just got this in my Facebook-feed a couple of minutes ago: “Joakim Friedman is Spotify har inte AC/DC. Lyssna istället på”. Loosely translated: “Spotify doesn’t have AC/DC. Listen to instead”. (J works for MySpace). Go back and read what I wrote in the […]

A Visit To Gaming Wonderland

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The other day I visited computer game giant EA’s Swedish branch DICE. From their fantastic and huge offices, sprinkled with amazing Phillippe Starck designed lamps and furniture, I overlooked Stockholm from 100 meter+ panorama windows, while sipping away on a latte. Am I in the wrong business I wondered? This two floor mega office houses […]

Are You a Frustrated Artist Too?

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Lou Reed plays “Berlin” in Stockholm tonight. Can’t miss that now can I? He also says in an interview that “if he hadn’t been a musician, he would have been an ad man”. Sure, there is obvious and somewhat loathsome irony in his statement, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true. So many […]