Fruit & Blogging Workshop With Super Strikers.

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Today I’m spending time with the brilliant minds of Super Strikers, preparing a secret pitch. I can divulge that it concerns monetizing the blogosphere. Our work process today is to sit around a conference table stacked up with fruit, collaborating hunched over our MacBook Pros. It’s turning out rather nicely. Some of these things are […]

Carlos Ulloa and Papervision 3D

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When I was doing my final project in Computer Graphics and Simulation for my M.Sc. we worked out a web-based 3D helicopter simulator. Back then, it was based on Java 3D and it was quite cool for its time (this was somewhere around 2001). Now, when I look att Carlos Ulloa’s work with Papervision 3D, […]

Give Hope for The Childhood Cancer Foundation Launched

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Yesterday, my last campaign before leaving Identity Works was launched. The Give Hope-campaign for the Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barncancerfonden) was a collaboration between us and the Superstrikers digital agency. I was in charge of concept development and strategy together with the brilliant design strategist Jonas Rutegård and Superstrikers – a match made in heaven to […]

Diggin’ deeper into 3.0

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On the sensitive subject of Web 3.0 this post and this post are both worth reading (Thank’s Carl). Personally I think they’re both right and wrong. What I suggest is that Web 3.0 is about abstracting one layer and letting the layer below take care of itself. Of going beyond the “five star rating system” […]

Agencies: Forget Web 3.0. At least for now.

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I went for a walk yesterday in the spring sun of Södermalm with Carl Waldecrantz from Superstrikers. We discussed Web 3.0 and the dangers of that concept. Everyone wants to claim it. I’ve heard it several times now. F&B for one mentioned it for their new site which has been “coming soon” now for longer […]

Tuesday is Breakfast Day

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I find it fab to round up the most talented people of the new generation every Tuesday for breakie and some chatting. So I do. And it’s great. Today we had breakfast at Berns. What works for late night sins should work for scrambled eggs, right? Why change a winning concept… And oh, guy on […]

To Flock or Not to Flock

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I don’t know if you’ve tried out Flock – The Social Web Browser yet. I’m starting out just now (thanks for the tip, Calle from Superstrikers), so I’m not sure if I can recommend it or not but I guess if you’re reading this, at least the blog editor worked. Instinctively I’m skeptical about local […]

Nu flyttar vi till nytt kontor igen!

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Denna gång är vi i Skärgården. Möten tas med fördel hos oss. Taxibåt är sååå mycket trevligare än en svettig Mercedes. Välkommen! På nya kontoret har vi ingen dusch. Telefonmöten är bra för miljön. Om ni ändå vill träffas IRL så får ni ta taxibåten. Superstrikers (WN’s partnerproduktionsbolag) har köpt glossyskärmar till sina MacBooks. Så […]