The Google Man at Marketing Week London

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Man that was tough. I’ve been lucky to have been scheduled in the first slot of the day at most talks I’ve done so far, but today I got the very last slot. And it was crazy hot in Olympia’s Pillar Hall in London where my Marketing Week talk was scheduled. Some talks are easier […]

Confessions of an Outcast Entrepreneur

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Tomorrow I go back to work again after the holidays. Or, well, technically I guess it is today since I can’t sleep and it’s early Monday already. I’m really excited about getting back on the horse though. There is much to do this year. A lot of things have changed in my work life since […]

Clownvertising, Terrorism, and Candy Cane Briefs

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I‘ve always been interested in economics, because economics is a great way to model, measure and understand human behavior. In a TED-talk I watched over a bowl of indian curry (I got stuck alone in the office over lunch), Loretta Napoleoni explains the economics of terrorism and how it relates to the economics of the […]

Planner Must Read: Were You, Are You, or Will You Be?

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Cover via Amazon With his new book called The Time Paradox, social psychologist Dr Philip Zimbardo lays out behavioral patterns of past-, present-, and future oriented personality types. It’s an incredibly simple, yet insightful theory he puts forth, and one which really highlights the weaknesses of our ordinary demographic segmentation of target groups. I would […]

See My Opening Keynote at Esomar WM3 2009!

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Last week I announced that I will be speaking at the Bring Dialogue Conference this summer, a speaking opportunity that I’m very excited about. Today I’m proud to announce that I will also be making the opening keynote adress at the Esomar WM3 Conference to be held Sweden this year. At the Clarion Sign Hotel […]

Impressive Talk by Naoki Iko The Highlight of The Week

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Microsoft delivered today. There were two excellent talks, the first one being by Nick Bailey of AKQA. It was a fairly traditional presentation of some very good work. Fiat’s Eco Drive, an in-car-USB-powered Nike+ for cars. Cool. Though I think that it would have been even cooler with an industry-wide call to action where Fiat […]

Wrap Up of Day 2: Thou Shalt Be Honest

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Back from today’s seminars. I’m really quite tired, but try to give you a short wrap up here of today’s events. It will be brief, but I believe that if you’re one of the fairly dedicated people reading this blog, you’ll find more ground breaking stuff in your regular Twitter- and RSS-feeds than in these […]

A Very Flattering Speaking Opportunity Indeed!

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I can now announce with great pride that I will be speaking at the Bring Dialogue Conference in Strömstad this summer. The topic will be how social media impacts strategies for other media channels, and it’s a topic which engages me deeply. Other speakers of the conference include business rock stars like professors Micael Dahlén […]

The Bar Brawl of The Swedish Twittersphere

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It all started when the fashion brand Acne started following Fredrik Wass of Bisonblog fame on Twitter. Fredrik felt spammed and wrote a heated post on his blog. Jesper Åström responded at his Online PR-blog. In essence he made very good points i think, but his angle was all crooked. Instead of heading into a […]