Brush Your Teeth And Design for The Google Man

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The human body. Such a marvel of engineering. We can do amazing stuff with this machine, things that are many times EXTREMELY difficult to mimic with any machine. If you only consider using the body as a physical tool we are amazing when it comes to detailed movement and interaction, walking upright och playing basketball. […]

Here Comes The Social Internet Bank!

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Money is important to us. Control over our life situation is too. But then, how can we possibly accept Internet banks as they are today. How can we possibly think that it’s okay to, say, not be able to get a visual overview analysis of our expenses and incomes? How can we possibly put up […]

What the World Will Look Like in 25 Years

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When I went to ad-school I felt that the school was in many respects molding people into replicas of what ad-people were supposed to be. Now I feel that this is perhaps about to change. The other day I got interview questions from Hyper Island regarding digital trends, and today I got another question from […]

The Most Dangerous Politician in The United States?

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One of the most dangerous politicians in the United States – that’s what CNET calls Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden. What they are talking about is Biden’s relentless attacks on internet liberty, and the threat that he thereby poses to the evolution of technology. Now that the dust has settled and we have sobered up […]

Google Amazing Wave Keeps Me Awake at Night

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After digging through everything I have been able to get my hands on about Google Wave, I’m in awe. This to me changes the game completely. I am not even going to begin trying to explain what Wave is (others have done so already), but trust me, it’s extremely cool. And ambitious. I love it. […]

Google’s New Move to Kill Facebook

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Like Picasso, I paint in periods. While he had his periods like blue and pink, I have periods like the recent one on copyright policy, certain internet technologies, and psychology. If you are a long time reader of this blog, you might remember my Open Social and my Friend Connect periods. These are very exciting […]

Seesmic’s Got Me Hooked. I Think.

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So, Seesmic has my attention. What du you think of this Twitter-ish video service. Either it’s an amazing way to build relationships or it’s TOO intimate and will meet the same fate as video-calls on 3G-phones. (At least here in Sweden, video-calls are just dead). But so far I’m intrigued. This seems really cool to […]

Carlos Ulloa and Papervision 3D

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When I was doing my final project in Computer Graphics and Simulation for my M.Sc. we worked out a web-based 3D helicopter simulator. Back then, it was based on Java 3D and it was quite cool for its time (this was somewhere around 2001). Now, when I look att Carlos Ulloa’s work with Papervision 3D, […]