Charlene Li’s Predictions. Right or Wrong?

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Charlene Li, one of the authors of the excellent book Groundswell presented this set of slides the other day. I find them to be fairly well in sync with what I see happening. What do you think? The Future Of Social Networks View more presentations or upload your own. (tags: future advertising)

Human Nature?

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“They didn’t care that they’d seen it work in practice, because they already knew it couldn’t work in theory”. Clay Shirky on C++ programmers who questioned collaborative communities.

Might As Well Have The Best

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Besides the fact that I absolutely adore the legendary (and expensive) bags from Filson, they also have less than humble tagline. “Might As Well Have The Best”. I kind of like it actually. But it’s also one of those taglines that you HAVE to back up in your product. Unless you really ARE the best, […]

Design Talks: Supercars of the late 60’s

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On my new little section “Design Talks” I’ll look at some design case studies that interest me. First out is the supercars of the late 60’s and early 70’s. They are interesting for several reasons. The designs have sprung from technical innovations like the mid-engine layout, but are also politically inspired by the space age […]

Ethos Water Redesign

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I’m reading at The that Ethos Water are redesigning their bottles from this   To This:   Vast improvement if you ask me. At least it doesn’t look like some kind of cleaning fluid anymore. This Verdicchio-inspired bottle also has a more thirst inducing appeal to it. There is something about using crystal clear […]

Increasingly Social Media

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I think that perhaps the most buzzword-laden and empty talk in Cannes might have been Go Viral’s one. I shall here provide a vizualization in support of my thesis. The vizualization shows the text from the seminar program and is provided by Wordle. “Social” and “Media” are the biggest buzzwords, no surprise there, but note […]

Clay Shirky and The Giant Cognitive Surplus

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I picked this clip up from Beta Alfa. It’s Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, who speaks about the “giant cognitive surplus”. Watch it and marvel at facts like “An new Wikipedia could be created every week during the commercial breaks in television if people contributed instead of watching the commercials”. I am so […]

Judith’s Blog

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My old classmate from Lund University, Judith, has started a blog (in Swedish) that I like. Read it here. She posted a recommendation to check out Marty Neuemeier’s Brand Gap presentation on Slideshare. Though perhaps not all new, it’s a great presentation that I highly recommend: | View | Upload your own I really like […]

I’m Not Lovin’ It

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This is another one in the series of “visual wordplay” that DDB are turning out. I can’t help thinking they could really use a business brain in the team. What on earth is the strategy here? Believe it or not, this is supposed to sell a large coffee for 1 Euro to the McDonald’s target […]

Guldägget Picture Special

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Here are randomly selected pics from Guldägget. I tried as much as I could to pick the Peace-Wink-Pout-ones. A lot of black clothes, a lot of black glasses. Just as it should be.         Blogged with the Flock Browser

Flying, Fighting, Inspiration

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Considering how our job as communicators is to reach people’s hearts and minds, it’s striking how isolated we are. We sit in our fancy glass offices, drive our fancy SUV’s, go to our fancy gyms and eat at our fancy restaurants. Is that perhaps why we keep repeating the same old ads over and over […]

The hypnosis of the Golden Egg

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I started writing down my comments on all winners of Guldäggsgalan (The Golden Egg Advertising Awards) last night, but I got bored half way. Why? It’s all the same. And it’s kind of irrelevant. The only category that really makes sense is the integrated category. I mean, what’s a digital solution gone “viral” if not […]

Välkommen till reklamvärlden

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I reklamvärlden har vi likadana skor. Vi har väldigt roligt när vi tävlar. Jag och Sandra hade roligast. Vi är vänsterhänta. Och vi fuskar när vi får chansen. Vi har snygga reklamarskägg. Och vi gör fina saker. Som till exempel den här moderiktiga modellhjälmen som man kan använda när man skall gå på catwalken i […]

Design Clichés of Web 2.0

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Not to long ago my favorite agency Zeus Jones put up a good post on the design clichés of web 2.0. Now that we’re on the topic, I thought I should bring it up. The slide below from Zeus Jones says it all. Or to quote Adrian, “Of course you wouldn’t knowingly give up all […]

Sugarcoated Thoughts on Communication

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I recently went through an experimental period on this blog where much of the blog content was about my diary as an ad man, featuring plenty of pictures and diary entries about parties, coffee breaks and fashion choices. Did more people read it? Yes. Was I criticized for being shallow? Yes. The point of this […]

Web 4.0

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Oh, and by the way – if any of you really want to know what Web 3.0 is, click here.Thanks Sophia for helping me find the answer. Blogged with the Flock Browser

Agencies: Forget Web 3.0. At least for now.

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I went for a walk yesterday in the spring sun of Södermalm with Carl Waldecrantz from Superstrikers. We discussed Web 3.0 and the dangers of that concept. Everyone wants to claim it. I’ve heard it several times now. F&B for one mentioned it for their new site which has been “coming soon” now for longer […]